Apple recently unveiled iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads. Thus far, quite a handful seem to be interested in taking the new OS for a spin before it becomes readily available to every user.

The new iOS 11 comes with some really nice features. A redesigned Control Center, App Store, ability to easily record your iPhone screen without the need for a third party app, take multiple screenshots and edit them seamlessly, improvements to Siri and more, are some of the features the new OS brings on board.

Unfortunately, the software is only currently on beta stage. Even Apple beta testers like myself couldn’t get iOS 11 ‘officially’ without having a developer account.

If you have an Apple Developer account, getting iOS 11 is easy. Creating a developer account is also pretty easy. However, there is a yearly fee of $99. Interested? Head over here to create a developer account. Thereafter, download the iOS 11 software via the download tab.

Don’t have $99 to spill but want to have iOS 11 running on your iPhone or iPad? Not to worry, you are not alone. Thankfully, we can still get iOS 11 without having a Apple Developer account.

Few Things To Note Before Downloading and Installing iOS 11 On iPhone or iPad

The new OS is still currently in beta. That simply means, the new OS is still in it’s testing stage. Hence, bugs are very much expected.

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For this sole purpose, it is highly advised that you only download and install iOS 11 on a spare iPhone or iPad. You shouldn’t do that on your main device except you are as stubborn as myself.

Disclaimer: I nor TechsNG will be held responsible for whatever happens to your iPhone or iPad during the course of trying to have iOS 11 on your device. Please, proceed with the below guide solely at your own risk.

Before commencing, you should fully back up your device to your computer using iTunes. If you do not know how to go about that, please ask.

These Are The Apple Devices That Support iOS 11

Below are the devices that can run iOS 11.

iOS 11 supported apple devices

  • The iPhone 5s up to the iPhone 7 Plus can support iOS 11.
  • The iPad Mini 2 up to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can have the latest iOS version installed.
  • iPod Touch 6th generation can also be on the train.

If your device doesn’t seem to appear on the list, Abort Mission. I repeat, Abort Mission.

Getting Started With Downloading and Installing iOS 11 On iPhone or iPad Without Developer Account

Since we do not have an Apple developer account, we cannot get the beta software, on the official website. Thankfully, a third-party site has made it available.

Using Safari Browser On Your iOS device, go to

Under iOS Downloads, Tap on the download option under iOS Beta profile.

iOS 11 Beta profile download

A notification stating that the website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile will pop up. Tap on Allow.

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notification about opening configuration profile on iPhone

Next, the iOS Beta Software Profile will display. Tap On Install.

iOS 11 beta software profile on iPhone

At this point, you will be required to input your password (if you have one already set up). Do the needful and you will automatically be taken to the next page.

Consent will be displayed thereafter. You can read if you’ve got enough time. When done, tap on Install.

iOS 11 beta aggreement

When installation is complete, you will be required to restart your device.

iOS 11 beta profile installed on iPhone

You can choose to restart immediately or choose to restart later. Except you have other stuff on your device you need to save first, you should choose to restart.

Download and Install iOS 11 Developer Beta

After restart is complete, go to Settings > General > Software Update

Settings, general and software update on iPhone

Give it a few minutes and the iOS 11 developer beta OS will show up.

iOS 11 OS update on iPhone

In my case, the size was just about 1.89 GB.

If you would still like to give the iOS 11 a spin before it becomes globally available, you should hit the Download and Install option.

There you have it. Having to download and install iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad is that easy without the need for a Apple developer account. Questions? Feel free to relate using the comment session.


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