Web browser is the most widely used software on computers that are connected to the Internet. As a matter of fact, it is obviously impossible to browse the Internet without a Web browser.

There are quite a handful of browsers on the internet today. However, two are rated as the most widely used. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are rated as popular Web browsers among Internet users.

There are other key plays like Opera, UCbrowser and a host of others.

Mozilla Firefox VS Google Chrome – Which Is Better For PC?

In this comparison guide, we will find out the best Web browser between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

best PC browser between google chrome and mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser which was released 11 years ago and has been widely used ever since.

The browser which can be used on computers and mobile phones like Android and IOS, has a mobile operating system known as Firefox OS. The browser is often being updated to bring about a lot of new features.

I personally love Mozilla Firefox browser for different obvious reasons. One, is the ability to see the size of the newly downloaded file without having to open it. Another is, tabs are easy to navigate through. This is unlike the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Google’s own product to deliver a browser for navigating an open web.

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You can tell that Google tends to have its hands on almost everything that relates to the internet. From the widely used search engine to the electronic emailing service, to the Android Operating System, Chrome OS for computer and the list goes on.

In a bid to increase its reach, the Chrome browser was launched. Since then, the browser has grown to be the most used by users.

One of the major reason why i personally think a lot of people use Chrome, is its ease as while as apps also known as extensions or plugins.

While i tend to use the browser too, i find closing tabs most likely to open. Besides, the moment you still having too many tabs opened on the browser, it becomes difficult to scroll through. This however, is based on personal use.

Distinctive Features of Mozilla Firefox

  1. Mozilla Firefox is more openly developed than Chrome and it is used as the default browser for major Linux distributions.
  2. Firefox is available for Android and other mobile devices.
  3. Users can use Firefox Sync to share bookmarks, history, add-ons, etc among mobile devices and computers.
  4. Mozilla Firefox is more extensive than Google Chrome and it can be customized with massive add-ons.

Distinctive Features of Google Chrome

  1. Users can install themes and change the appearance of their Chrome browser
  2. It is very fast and a very stable browser
  3. Google Chrome is available in major desktop operating systems such as Android and IOS. Tabs, bookmarks and browsing history can be accessed across different devices if sync with Gmail accounts with Chrome
  4. Google Chrome enables users to access Google’s services easily.
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Wrapping Up

This comparison can not distinguish the best Web browser between both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are great Web browsers but Mozilla Firefox is less stable on older system than Google Chrome.

Many Internet users prefer Mozilla Firefox more than Google Chrome due to its robust add-ons extension ability.

Based on personal use of both browsers, my best pick would have to be Firefox. Reason being that, i am just a basic user when it comes to surfing on my computer. With Firefox, i can easily see the size of a downloaded file. Toggling between tabs is also very easy despite having too many tabs unlike in the case of chrome.

Simply put; on Google Chrome, the less tabs, the better. On Firefox, it doesn’t matter the number of tabs.

Feel free to comment below about your suggestion and reviews based on these two amazing web browsers Mozilla Firefox versus Google Chrome.


  1. I am constanly moving from firefox to chrome because of the errors I continue to get in chrome. Errors such as chrome did not shutdown properly among other errors in chrome.

  2. Although Firefox used to be getting bloated, now, it is just about as fast as chrome, and with the better api, there is no longer a reason to use Chrome anymore.

  3. As someone who use both browsers, I prefer Google Chrome than Firefox. It loads faster and has features that I find a lot more convenient than Firefox.


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