Are you in need of a proven step by step guide which will aid you in knowing when someone isn’t following back on Instagram or Unfollows you on Instagram? This guide will show you exactly how to get that done.

Instagram as you know, is a photo and video sharing platform. Call it, a multimedia sharing platform.

The way the platform works, people have to follow you, in other to see your updates. This updates means anything you share on the platform, precisely your profile.

People can also see your activities like the posts you like and sort.

The platform no doubt, has gotten a really huge traction. There are millions (If not billions) of contents being shared on the platform daily.

Unlike Facebook usual profile pages which is pretty much about having to send friend requests and the recipient having to accept your request before being able to see their update (the follow feature sorta changes that), Instagram does not have a feature for friend requests. Instead, it’s simply follow.

How To Know or get notified When Someone Unfollows You On Instagram

Depending on the person’s settings, if set to public, you can view the person’s updates and also choose to automatically follow without the other person having to accept your request.

In a bid not to deviate from the subject matter, imagine you stumbled on a ‘friends’ profile, choose to follow and the person doesn’t follow back. This can leave you with a lot of thoughts and guesses in your head.

For starters, this could mean the person isn’t interested in your contents. Or perhaps, the person doesn’t consider you as being important. These are just suggestions. Most likely not the case.

Now, something I’ve discovered on the platform, is people sending a lot of follow requests or following a lot of persons with the intent of those persons following back. After these persons choose to follow back, they do a massive unfollow. That is, most likely unfollowing all the account they just followed. That way, their accounts will be having more real followers while they follow lesser accounts.

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That’s one of the dirty tricks to growing your Instagram followers count and getting real followers on instagram. That’s an extra tip (though I don’t use it). You are welcome! ?

By default, Instagram does not notify you when someone Unfollows you on Instagram. You’d however, get notified when they follow you.

I’m not sure why it works that way, but that’s exactly how Twitter works as well.

How To Know When Someone Isn’t Following You Back On Instagram

As earlier mentioned, following an account, notifies the person. When you follow a friend on the platform, I am guessing you expect the friend you followed, to follow you back, right?

If they did, you’d also be notified that they are following you back. If otherwise, you won’t be notified.

To know if they are following you back, check through your notification tab. Specifically check through the follow notifications.

If there are too much notifications to check through, here is another simple trick.

  1. Visit the friend’s Instagram profile page
  2. Tap on the following tab.
    View someone's Followers on instagram
  3. When the list of accounts they follow shows up, type in your name in the search tab.
  4. If your name cannot be found on the list, the friend is not following you back.

That’s the simple trick. However, if you need something more precise and much more simpler, continue reading.

How To Know When Someone Unfollows You On Instagram

As earlier mentioned, Instagram does not notify you when someone Unfollows you on the platform. This is something you’d have to figure out yourself.

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The steps I shared above in regards knowing when someone isn’t following you back on the platform, works in knowing when someone Unfollows you on Instagram.

But, in a case whereby you have quite a handful of followers and you follow a lot of accounts, how do you track who is following you and who isn’t?

The simple trick in this regards, is using third-party apps.

Personally, I’ve used two apps and they work well in letting you know who you are following on Instagram but not following you back. The apps are;

Do you mind if I talk more on these apps? Taking the time to read through will guide you through which to download. If you want, you can download both. However, I don’t see the need for two apps performing the same function being installed. If you are mindful of space and data, you should pick one.

Followmeter App For Instagram

This app comes packed with a lot of useful features. With followmeter app, you can see the recent accounts that Unfollowed you, your new followers, accounts not following you back and accounts you are not following.

followmeter app for instagram overview

The app also displays the number of posts you have on Instagram, your number of followers and the number of accounts following you.

With the app, you can also easily see your most popular posts on Instagram. Being able to also see the most active followers in terms of comments on your posts, is also part of the bargain here.

All these features, can be used for free. However, there is a paid option. The paid option gives you the ability to see your ghost followers, secret admirers and your top likes. Each feature comes with a price tag of $0.99.

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Right on the app, you can choose to quickly follow accounts you are not following back. However, to view people’s accounts, you will be redirected to the Instagram application.

Followers For Instagram

This is another app I find interesting if you want to keep a track of who isn’t following you back or who Unfollows you on Instagram.

The followers app provides you with information on new followers, accounts that have unfollowed you, you are not following back, blocking you, deleted comments and likes.

followers for instagram app overview

While the other options are free, the option to know who is blocking you as well as deleted comments and likes, requires an upgrade.

There is also an option to earn free coins. These coins can thereafter, be used for upgrades. This is particularly useful if you would rather get those upgrades for free rather than spend pay.

Unlike followmeter, being able to view Instagram accounts can be done right on the app. No need to be redirected to the Instagram app.

Of course, for both apps to work, you need to log into your Instagram account right on the app(s).

So, that’s it guys. That’s how you can know who is not following you back or who Unfollows you on Instagram.

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