I know you want to view somebody’s WhatsApp Status without letting them know. I totally understand that and I guarantee this post will help you achieve that.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of privacy. Although to a minimum, I enjoy doing some particular things on the low. One of them, is viewing some contact’s status updates on WhatsApp without letting them know or without them knowing.

Status Update feature on WhatsApp for example, works in a way that, users will be able to see the names and number of contacts who viewed their status update. The names in this case, is the name used in storing the contact’s number on the phone.

This isn’t just excluded to WhatsApp. It’s same with the status update feature with other Facebook related product. By Facebook related product, I am making reference to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

These social media platforms all have the Status feature which was recently released only a couple of months back. The names and number of people who view a status update, is available to the owner of the update.

But, do you know you can actually view someone’s status update on WhatsApp without them knowing? Oh yes, it’s possible.

Being able to view or watch someone’s status on WhatsApp without them knowing isn’t only exclusive on android, but can be done on iPhone as well. Hence, if you use an iPhone, we’ve got a solution for your query too.

How to view whatsapp status without letting them know

I personally use an iPhone as my daily driver (presently) and, a lot of times, I view my WhatsApp contact’s status updates on my iPhone without letting them know. The process is simple and you’d be find that out in a bit.

Here, I will show you exactly the same secret I use in doing so. However, android users have more options over this. By that, i mean, there are different ways you can accomplish this on android. Hence, I’d start off with android. Okay?

How To View WhatsApp Status Without Them Knowing On Android

On android, there are three methods to achieving this. However, on iPhone, I can only verify one method.

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The idea is, we don’t want to be using a third party app, right? We want to do this right from the app without having to install another app, correct?

Great! So, let’s start with the various ways you can see contact’s status on the app without them knowing on android.

Method 1: Using File Manager

Do you know you can actually save your contacts WhatsApp status updates without asking them to send the uploaded content to you?

Let’s say, a contact of yours, uploaded a really nice picture or video on their status. You can actually get that picture or video on your phone without asking them to send it to you.

However, we won’t be going exclusively on that. If you know your way round, you should be able to achieve that using this method. If otherwise, you can request me to drop a tutorial on that. Alternatively, you should check out the method 3 part of this article.

Back to being able to see WhatsApp status, the method or step 1 here, involves the use of file manager app. You can use the default file manager app or any other third party file manager apps like ES file explorer. You can get the app on the google play store.

  • First, Launch the WhatsApp Application and tap on the status tab.
  • Wait for every status updates from your contacts to refresh and load up, but do not tap on any of them.
  • Next, Launch your File Explorer
  • Tap on the option menu and or the three dots (…) below the page and tap on Show hidden files.
  • Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp thereafter, tap on .statuses.

On Android, the quickest way to hide files without letting anyone find it, is to edit the name of the file or folder and insert dot (.) in front. That way, the file or folder will be hidden.

By default, the WhatsApp status folder is hidden hence, the reason why choosing the show folder option is important.

In the .statuses folder, you should find all the current WhatsApp status updates of your contacts. Feel free to explore them and even download, your contacts won’t know you viewed them.

Hide seen WhatsApp status updates on Android
Image Source: TechUntold

If that seem a bit too complex for you, there’s the second option.

Method 2: WhatsApp Read Receipt Option To Hide Seen On WhatsApp Story

WhatsApp read receipt has been on the platform for a really long time. Long before the new status update feature was introduced.

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The read receipt basically allows you see or know when a contact reads your WhatsApp message(s). This same rule applies to status updates on WhatsApp.

When your read receipt is turned on, you will be able to see the number of people that viewed your status updates and they will be able to see yours as well. As long as you both have read receipt turn on.

However, in a case where a contact turns off read receipt, you wouldn’t know when they view your status update neither will they know when you view theirs.

You get the drift?

Knowing this, you can hide seen on WhatsApp Story by simply turning off read receipt. However, as earlier explained, turning this OFF, you also won’t know when they view your status.

The trick here would be; turn off, view their status updates, turn back on. You get it?

How To Turn Off WhatsApp Read Receipts

To turn off read receipts on WhatsApp, simply follow these steps;

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings,
  • Tap on Account
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Scroll down and uncheck the reason receipt option.
hide seen on whatsapp story via read receipts
Image Source: ChuksGuide

Having done that, quickly navigate to your status tab, view all the status updates you want to view and watch, return back to the read receipt and turn it back on.

If you do not like people knowing when you view their status update, now could be a good time to leave the read receipt turned off. Do note, you also wouldn’t know when they read your messages too.

Method 3: Use GBWhatsApp To Hide WhatsApp Status View

I know I mentioned we wouldn’t have to use third party app in achieving this. The first two options works great. The use of GBWhatsApp is for those who wants advanced functionality.

GBWhatsApp is a modded version of WhatsApp. By that, it comes with more tweaks compared to what you’d originally get on the official WhatsApp application. Being able to use 2 whatsapp accounts on one android phone is also part of the package here.

  • Read: How To Install and Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts On One Android

Using GBWhatsApp, downloading contact’s status is much easier. You do not necessarily need to go through the steps outlined in the first method.

Downloading is as easy as viewing the status, tapping on the option icon and choosing the download option. It’s that easy.

However, since this content is based on being able to view the status without contacts knowing, let’s stick with that.

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How To Hide WhatsApp Status View Using GBWhatsApp

  • First, you should back up your WhatsApp chats from the account menu.
  • Download GBWhatsApp application here
  • Install the app and open the application. If you encounter problems installing the app, there’s a chance you haven’t turned on allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Read this article to find out how to fix it.
  • You’ve opened GBWhatsApp? If you get the option to restore your chats, do so. If otherwise, close it.
  • Copy your backup chat file into GTWhatsApp folder. To do this, go to file manager > GBWhatsApp > Databases.
  • Open and set up your phone number on the app.
  • When done, go to privacy. Under privacy, select Show view status.

At this point, the app should restart. Now, you can view all your contacts WhatsApp Status without being seen or without them knowing.

Use GBWhatsapp to find status view on Whatsapp
Image Source: ChuksGuide

Having cleared how to do that on Android, let’s see how we can achieve same on iPhone.

View WhatsApp Status On iPhone Without Them Knowing

As earlier mentioned, I have only confirmed one trick to achieving this on WhatsApp for iPhone.

As a matter of fact, it isn’t exactly a trick. Let’s call it a tip. The tip here is simply disabling read receipt.

As earlier explained, disabling read receipt gives you the liberty to view someone’s WhatsApp status updates of your contacts without them knowing.

This isn’t just valid on android, it’s valid on iPhone and perhaps, every other OS WhatsApp still currently supports.

How To Turn Off Read Receipt On iPhone

To turn off read receipt on iPhone and view WhatsApp status without letting them knowing on iPhone, follow these steps;

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Next, tap on Privacy.
  • Look towards the end of the screen and toggle the read receipt option OFF. When it’s OFF, the button will turn to White.

turn off read receipts to hide whatsapp status view on iPhone

Like the 0 being displayed for OFF on my iPhone? You can do same on your iPhone. Check out this iPhone tricks article for how to.

There you have it. Quite simple, right?

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