Wapday over the years, have transited from what it used to be, to something new and different.

Prior to when the website transitioned, it used to be a download platform. A platform to download stuffs for your mobile phone.

At the time, wapday.com used to be a go-to website for mobile downloads. Precisely downloads like games, applications, music, videos, themes and the likes. Kinda similar to what we currently have on waptrick and sefan RU websites.

If memory serves me right, I think there was a time wapday began to redirect to the waptrick website. Same as Wapdam, ketomob and the likes.

wapday best sites like wapday.com

However, soon, it changed. The domain stopped redirecting and instead, began to open a rather different kind of content. No, the website wasn’t different, the content was/is.

A mobile download platform, changed to a relationship, dating website.

Seeing some people still search for wapday and maybe, just maybe, for the content, I have decided to share some wapday alternatives.

Depending the kind of content you expect from the website, I will be sharing different best sites like wapday.com.

Wapday Alternatives For Games, Videos, Music, Apps Downloads

If your intent is having to download files from wapday which currently, is no longer available on the website, I will be sharing some alternatives here.

These sites will solve your quest for mobile downloads.

1. Waptrick Website

Perhaps, the grand master of them all. Waptrick has been in existence for a really long time now. I have personally known the website for about 6 years now and it’s still waxing strong.

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Waptrick offers a variety of mobile downloads options. You can download mp3 music files, videos, games, apps and the likes. And yes, there are provisions for java phones. That of course, is if you still happen to use one in this time and age.

2. Sefan.Ru

Another really old yet, packed wapsite. Yes, I call it wapsite because its basically tailored for phones. However, desktops can still access the website.

If using a desktop, its recommended that you use a chrome browser. Reason being that, the language isn’t originally in English. Chrome browser helps translate the words. That way, you can understand what the website is about.

Sefan.RU offers a variety of contents for downloads. There are videos, music files, games, themes, wallpapers and more on the platform for you to download.

If mobile downloads is what you are gunning for on wapday.com, Sefan RU is definitely a related website to check out.

3. Tubidy Mobi

Are you trying to access the wapday website for the sole purpose of downloading music videos and mp3 files? Tubidy is definitely a related website to visit.

Unlike the sites mentioned above, tubidy is specifically tailored towards music lovers. The website is basically a platform for downloading music videos and mp3 music files.

Hence, if that’s what you are gunning for, tubidy.mobi is a wapday related website to visit and explore. If using an iPhone, there is a way around downloading on tubidy.

4. Vuclip video download site

Perhaps the last but not the least I’d be talking on in relation to websites like wapday when it comes to mobile downloads, is vuclip.

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Vuclip is another old classic. The website has been in existence for years now and as usual, has experienced transition. However, the legacy has been maintained.

Vuclips is a website for basically video downloads. Although other sessions have been added (likes of sports), it still clearly maintains the website being originally a platform for video downloads.

There are a wide range of videos to choose from. Funny videos are also part of the package here.

Best Sites Like wapday.com For Chatting and Online dating

As earlier mentioned, the website has transitioned through some phrases. And although originally a mobile download platform, its now a platform for online dating and related topics.

Hence, if visiting wapday is with the intent of meeting new people online, these are the best alternatives for such.

1. Mobofree

Mobofree is a chatting platform for mobile devices. Being able to get to meet people on the platform is doable and have been in existence for quite some time now.

Other than the platform being a mobile website, being able to trade is able doable on the website.

Think of it as a trading platform as well as a chatting platform. Makes sense, right?

2. Waplog

If you have been into internet dating for quite some time now, then there is a huge chance you know about waplog.

Waplog is similarly old and still waxing stronger. Unlike mobofree, waplog is tailored for basically online chatting and sort. Its a platform for meeting new people. As a matter of fact, a part of wapday seem to be linked to waplog. Kinda makes me wonder if there is some sort of partnership between both or if the former has been acquired by the latter.

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On this note, we have come to an end to the topic that talks on wapday and best sites like wapday.com.

If you want more modernized services for meeting people online, check out best social networking apps to meet people online and best alternatives to tinder. Those are awesome resources to look into.

Hope this answers your query regarding wapday? If there something missing and would want me to help you with, do not hesitate to let me know using the comment session. I reply to comments as soon as I can. One though though, be very detailed in your questions or query when using the comment session.


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