Waptrick is perhaps, one of the best mobile download platforms and can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Waploft and Wapdam.

Visit wapdam website. Why do I consider waptrick to be one of the best alternatives, you may ask. Well, for various reason. One being that, the website is updated very frequently with new files. These files includes music, games, apps and a whole lot more. A whole lot more I’d be getting into later in this post. Hence, I urge you to take the time to read through.

Another reason is pop up ads. For most download platforms on the internet, pop up ads are being utilized. Not everyone is comfortable with pop up ads. I personally do not fancy it. Waptrick does not seem to have those in place which frankly, is refreshing.

But, before I introduce the site properly as well as other alternatives you should consider checking for your mobile downloads, how about we talk about these two other vital sites; Waploft and Wapdam?

Waploft : Platform To Download Mobile Music Files, Videos, Games

The website, Waploft, used to be a website where users can download files for their mobile phones. These files include music MP3 files, videos, games, apps and sort.

However, the website seem not to be in existence anymore or, isn’t as feasible as it used to. Well, not totally. Let’s just say, the site has gone into extinction. And that’s precisely where this post comes to play.

Going to waploft.com currently ends up in a dead-end. Precisely a apache default page with no content relating to download.

waploft website not displaying any download option

However, Waploft.me redirects to wapking.co which is precisely another good mobile download platform. Wapking essentially shares more of videos with wallpapers, full MP3 songs, videos, apps, and games as part of the package. Hence, it’s safe to say wapking is also a good place to visit.

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Wapdam : Download Mobile Apps, Games, Music

Wapdam has also been in the blocks for years now. It’s been the idea spot for mobile users since inception. I first knew about this platform sometime in 2011 or there about.

Since then, a lot has changed. The site has since transitioned and particularly moved to waptrick. Hence, in 2018, the new platform is waptrick and not exactly Wapdam. However, visiting www.wapdam.com redirects to waptrick.one.

The waptrick website can be accessed via this link. However, if you’d like to learn more regarding the platform including how to download files on waptrick, you should consider reading further. I will also be sharing a few other alternatives for various file downloads. Really, you do not want to miss out on those information.

Waptrick : Free Downloads For Your Phone

Waptrick is like a parent platform to not just Wapdam, but also to other initially well-known domains like ketomob, waphan and the likes.

waptrick free downloads for phone

www.waptrick.com redirects to waptrick.one. Perhaps, you may want to put that in mind. Having said that, let’s talk on the platform and how you can download from waptrick.

The website provides free download of games, music MP3, videos, wallpapers, animations. There is also provisions for E-books, sound effects, online games, and lyrics.

Having mentioned that, is it okay if we discuss how to download from waptrick using a video as a case study? If you rather prefer I use a different file, please let me know using the comment session. Will likely update the post afterwards if need be.

How To Download From Waptrick

As earlier mentioned, we will be using videos as a case study. Same process should be applicable for music as well. If you want a dedicated step by step guide for apps and games, do let me know.

  1. Visit the waptrick website here
  2. Scroll down and tap on the appropriate session. In this case, videos.
  3. On the videos session, there are other sub-sessions. Basically, there’s waptrick music clips, waptrick videos, celebrity videos and XXX videos. In this tutorial, I will be choosing Music Clips. The music clips contains Top singers and albums video clips archive.
  4. Next, tap on the sub session. Here, I am choosing RnB.
  5. Videos relating to RnB songs will be displayed. Tap on the video you would like to download.
  6. On the next page, tap on super quality option. This is necessary if using a smart phone. If using Java, go with the standard which is in 3gp format.
  7. Next, tap on proceed to download. At this point, the download should begin.
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There you have it. That’s how to download files from waptrick. If using an iPhone, you would need an external app for this. See how to download using tdownloader.

Having cleared that out, let’s talk on a few alternatives for the sort of files you’d like to download. Shall we?

Waptrick Alternatives For Movies and TV Show Downloads

If you’d like to download movies, there are a few alternatives to check out. Bare in mind though, for the most part, these sites tend to utilize pop up ads. Hence, I would advise using a browser like opera mini for this.

1. FzMovies

Perhaps, my favorite when it comes to mobile downloads. I have known FzMovies for quite some time now and the platform has proven to be really handy.

The movie download platform gets updated quickly with the latest blockbuster movies as soon as they become readily available for downloads. On FzMovies, you can download movies in blu-ray quality which is decent on smart phones. There are also different download servers to choose from. If you want, you can check out other best fzmovies alternatives for movie downloads.

2. FzTVSeries

FzTVSeries is owned by the same guys behind FzMovies. However, while the former is entirely for just movies, this is specifically tailored for TV show enthusiasts. Hence, if you are on the look out for TV shows downloads, this should be on your radar.

Being able to download from this platform is quite easy. And just like FzMovies, FzTVSeries provides different download servers. That way, if one is slow, you can switch to another.

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3. HDMP4Mania

This is another platform for not just movies and TV shows, but also WWE wresting shows. Sounds like a lot, right? You are welcome!

Unlike the first 2 mentioned, HDMP4Mania houses both movies and TV shows. Of course, wresting shows is also part of the package. However, I find working with the earlier mentioned sites, much easier.

Waptrick Alternatives For VIDEO downloads

If you aim to download specifically video files which doesn’t relate to movies, there are a couple of sites that provide just that. Videos in this case, could be funny videos, comedies, skits, short videos et cetera.

1. Tubidy

I have known tubidy for a while now and indeed, the site has proven to be a worthy resource for videos. The platform is specifically a video sharing platform.

On tubidy, you can download top videos. This could include musical videos, funny videos and a whole lot more. However, for the most part, the site contains music videos.

2. VuClip

Vuclip is another interesting website for you to check out. The website has been in existence and over time, has evolved.

During initial starting out which was precisely a couple of years back, the platform was strictly about videos. However, that has changed now. Other than just videos, there is a lot more vuclip seem to offer.

So, there you have it guys. That’s all you need to know about waptrick, Waploft and Wapdam. I also think I did justice to the best Waploft alternatives as well as Wapdam alternatives and similar sites like waptrick. If you think I missed anything out, do not hesitate to let me know using the comment session.


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