About Us

While this blog has been ongoing for a few months now, we thought it wise to give an insight on what this platform is about.

That way, you understand our mission and what this blog basically stand for. We call it, the About Us Page!

The Idea Behind Crunchise

As you probably already figured, Crunchise is a blog centered around providing information in regards android guides, apple guides and movies.

about crunchise

While these are the major themes of the website, there are other topics we tend to cover from time to time.

So to the question. What’s the idea behind Crunchise?

It’s simple. We just want to provide useful information for readers.

We understand how hard it can be to get through some android related problems. For that reason, we created android guides session.

iPhone users tend to have some little issues from time to time with their iPhones. Other times, it could be an issue with the iPad or other related Apple products. For this reason, we created Apple Guides session.

When it comes to movies, not everyone can afford the required amount needed to see movies in the cinemas.

Even for some of those who can afford it, not everyone feels like leaving their homes to the cinema. For those who still can, there are some people who wouldn’t mind watching movies more than once. In a case like that, it just makes sense to have the movies stored on your phone, right?

For this reason, we often talk on some websites to download full movies for free. Interesting, right? We aim to please!

How about being able to download from these websites? I mean, a huge chuck of them use pop up ads and these kinds of ads can be quite annoying. But, don’t blame the website owners, they just want to make some bucks off their efforts.

Thankfully, on most of the guides we talk on, we share step by step guides on how to download from them.

From time to time, we also discuss android apps and iPhone apps for movie streaming. Quite a lot, yeah? We know!

Can People Contribute Content On Crunchise?

Well, this is a bit unsettled. For now, the website is solely centered on providing strictly quality content. And by quality contents, we mean contents that will interest our readers.

If a content isn’t related to the blog theme, it won’t be on crunchise. However, if you want to share a content that you feel will interest the readers with no intent of promoting anything, sure! We’d love to have a look.

Use the contact form and we’d get back to you as soon as we can.

What the future holds?

We are quite optimistic about this. We have plans. However, these plans might take longer than anticipated without your support. Hence, we really need your support for this to become a reality without a short pace of time.

How can you help?

It’s simple. Just engage with our contents. If you enjoy what you read here, don’t feel shy to share.

Sharing is caring and only takes a few seconds!

Other than helping us by sharing contents using the share buttons below their respective posts, you could also be helping your friends on your social network platforms.


Since the contents are of quality and it was useful for you, you are sharing quality information with them and also helping them as well. They have no idea what information they might need without necessarily asking you.

Feel like you are enthusiastic about the kind of topics we share here and would want to be a contributor? Sure! You are more than welcome!

Use the contact form and we will revert back to you as soon as we can.

Got opinions and suggestions? Our doors email inbox is always opened 24/7. We are open to suggestions and feedback. As a matter of fact, we treat them as priorities. Why? Because we created this platform for our users and would certainly love to hear what they think. So, feel free to send us a mail. We really appreciate that.

In the long run, we aim to have more writers working on this website. However, we will be focusing solely on quality contents hence, you can be sure of getting the best from this platform on the long run.

All we ask in return, is that you help us serve you better. How? Use the share buttons in sharing posts from this blog to your social media platforms. Share feedback, contribute, interact. That’s all we ask.

Thank you for taking the time out in reading this about page.

Hope you’d have a great stay!