FzMovies over the years, have been very helpful in regards downloading Hollywood and Bollywood movies – for free.

If you are the type who is into downloading movies online, there is a huge chance you know about the movie download platform. If you do not, not to worry, I won’t judge you. At least, now you know. After all, what are friends for?!

During the course of loyal usage over the years, there are some certain times I experienced issues using the movie downloading site. From the site not being accessible, to downloading movies at very slow speed. Visit Movies Website.

The website not being available is pretty normal. Webmasters should know about this.

Downloading movies at very slow speed at some point, should be also normal. However, I’d think fzmovies stores files on different servers. The link to different servers is often displayed on the final download page.

Fzmovies - download bollywood and hollywood movies

Just before we go into the main subject matter, how about I introduce fzmovies to those who’s been missing out on all the good stuffs fzmovies.net offers.

Introduction to Fzmovies.net Hollywood and Bollywood Movie Download Site

Fzmovies is my number one go-to-site for latest movies downloads and sorts. There are times I wish I knew more alternatives though.

Doing Google Search a couple of times for alternatives have always brought me back to fzmovies. Most of the recommended sites honestly, do not perform anywhere better.

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On fzmovies.net, you do not only get to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you also get to download most movies in HD quality. This however, depends on whether or not, an HD version is now available. For most anticipated latest movies, it starts with a CAM version, and then a TS version before HD.

In 2018, literally every smart phone utilizes HD (720p), FHD (1080p) displays. Bigger players like Samsung and a few others currently have QHD (1440p) displays on its smartphones.

Point is, if your device rocks an HD or FHD display, you can enjoy a nice viewing experience thanks to being able to download HD videos from the website. You would agree with me that movies below SD (480p) viewing experience is quite boring in 2017.

These movies, can also be watched properly on TV screens. However, the quality is usually much better on smaller screens like your regular smart phone screen compared to a TV with much wider and bigger inches.

What Type Of Movies  Can Be Downloaded From Fzmovies?

Typically, you can download Hollywood and Bollywood on fzmovies. I think a much appropriate question should be, what genre of movies can you download on Fzmovies.

What genre of movies do you prefer? Action, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi, War, Biography, Comedy, animation, you name it. They are all available on fzmovies.net. The database is huge, trust me.

Another interesting fact is that, you can actually search for movies by IMDB Top 250 movies. Additionally, you can search for movies by latest updated, release date, by alpha and by most downloaded.

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Searching and downloading movies by most downloaded happens to be my favorite. Especially in a case where i have no idea as per what movie to download.

Using the most downloaded option, I get to see the movies most people are interested in. This, could as well mean, people find the movies rather interesting.

Having cleared all those out-of-the-way, can we return back to the main subject matter?

How I Download FzMovies Hollywood and Bollywood Faster

Although downloading movies on fzmovies is usually on the cool side, it can get annoying. By annoying, I am making reference the pop up ads and sorts.

Downloading Movies From FZMovies.net Without POP-UP Ads

To eradicate those, deactivating JavaScript on the browser works out fine. Depending on the browser you are using, navigate to settings and play through the options till you find JavaScript. Thereafter, deactivate it.

Do not forget to reactivate when done. However, for the sake of the site being able to make money for the services rendered and sustainability, I would advice giving them some slack. Rather than completely removing ads, you can reduce it.

In my case, I use operamini and it reduces the ads on the pages without negatively affecting download speed.

Fix Slow Downloading Speed On Fzmovies

As earlier mentioned, there are times downloading movies from fzmovies can be very slow. Most often at times, this has nothing to do with your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

In my case, I try out different servers on the download page till i find one that is relatively fast. Usually, you are offered downloads from 3 or 4 servers. Play around those till you find which is faster.

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That’s it. That’s typically how I get to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies from fzmovies much faster.

Do you know of a better alternative to this movie download platform? Please be nice enough to share it/them in the comment session.


  1. Please how do I download Bollywood movie with subtitle from fzmovies and how do I know which one is English version. I hope you understand. Thanks

  2. Yea the server of a thing helps, but their pop ups ads are just crazy , but well the site is the best for free movies , commenting from here


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