Though the most popular Nintendo characters were created in the second half of the previous century, they still thrill lots of gamers. None of the characters appearing in modern MMORPGs or PRGs stack up against such cult fictional figures as Mario, Zelda, Pikachu, or Pacman.

Maybe, they are not as time-tested as their classic counterparts. Perhaps, they lack the unique spirit of novelty and excitement characteristic of retro titles. Still, we’re not trying to reveal the secret behind Nintendo character’s popularity, but rather to pay tribute to the iconic creations that have immortalized Nintendo and made it a symbol of the bygone era of home video game systems.

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Mario game produced by nintendo

It would be criminal to start our parade of the most popular Nintendo’s characters with someone other than Mario. This charming Italian made a splash with gamers worldwide in 1981. He still remains the most recognizable video game character.

Still, few fans know that Mario first appears as Jumpman in the game, that’s also familiar to any retro gamer, Donkey Kong. The character also featured his trademark jumping and was determined to rescue a girl from a monster. Still, the graphics of the debut game was quite primitive and Mario’s mission was somewhat underdeveloped back then. Still, over the following years, Jumpman evolved into a charismatic hero who ventured to stand up against insatiable Koopa, the dragon-like creature that invaded the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom.

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Endowed with such exceptional abilities as jump-stomp, spin-jump, back flip, and “Wall Kick,” Mario crushed his enemies and moved towards the victory. Remember how much fun it was to fight alongside the brave Italian? No wonder there appeared plenty of spin-off Mario games, such as Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi. Gamers just wanted to test their favorite character under different circumstances.

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One of the famous platformers released by Nintendo was Kirby. His guy was too cute not to fall in love with him. Still, the blue eyes and round appearance are not the only distinguishing features of this hero. Kirby also became famous to imitate his foes’ powers and direct them against those threatening his world.

In virtually all his appearances, Kirby is portrayed as a good-natured, buoyant, fair, and innocent protagonist. Still, when facing an enemy, Kirby exhibits his wit, strength, and fearlessness. With the emergence of spinoffs, Kirby’s fans also realized that this small kid was keen on playing pinball, racing, and solving mysteries. You can also test the character in a variety of spin-off games where he acts as a sportsman, erudite, and a professional fighter.



The Pokémon franchise still retains loyal fans and remains a powerful player on the video game market. Our list of the most popular Nintendo’s characters would be incomplete if we failed to mention Pikachu, the mascot of the entire Pokémon franchise. Pikachu is the only pocket monster that was reluctant to stay in the Pokeball, the place where all the collected Pokémons dwell.

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Pikachu is always ready to display his exceptional abilities and fearlessness in the face of danger. His loyalty to Ash, his trainer, is another merit worth mentioning. Thus, the Pokémon acts not only as a trainee, but also a player’s companion and friend.

His main attacks include Surf and Fly. Both of these attacks can be utilized outside battles. No wonder Pikachu has left a significant mark on today’s popular culture.

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