eDiscovery is the legal review of electronically stored information. As the world becomes more dependent on electronics to store valuable information, the industry is growing at a rapid rate.

Best 4 eDiscovery Applications for Businesses

Tribune City presented a study that speculates how the Global eDiscovery Software Market could dominate the global economy in the coming years. This is no surprise as nearly all information is stored on electronic devices. ‘What is eDiscovery?’ published on Special Counsel lists examples of digital data as “email, computer images, targeted collections of computers and/or servers, cell phones, [and] hard copy documents.” With so much important digital data stored, companies are investing in the latest eDiscovery applications to enhance their legal teams and protect themselves against any potential lawsuits.

Knowing which tool works best for your business is key to properly investing in eDiscovery. Below, we’ll discuss four of the best eDiscovery applications companies should have.


ACC Docket explains how more companies are bringing eDiscovery in-house due to the advancement in technology. This allows companies to cut down on costs. One of the most popular eDiscovery applications among legal professionals is Logikcull.

Logikcull is a purely cloud-based system. The application is known for its convenience, as the secure system can be accessible via mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches. Similar to how SignNow allows you to sign and fill out documents using your phone, Logikcull allows users to access secured legal documents though a mobile device. Since it’s run through a web browser, there’s no need for devices to install special software. Aside from its ease of use, another advantage of the software is that it’s less expensive compared to its counterparts.

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The strength of this application lies in its capacity for real-time data searches across multiple repositories of information like Zendesk, Slack, Confluence, Outlook, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox and Gmail.

The machine learning algorithms that support the search engine help with the discovery of high-value items. You can program the system to identify relevant files that will be helpful for instances like mergers, acquisitions, or due diligence.

Data is then automatically identified, collected, and indexed to create a fully searchable file repository. The application is both cloud-based and on-premise, which is helpful for businesses with multiple branches.


While Nextpoint has information storage and search features similar to the previously mentioned applications, what sets it apart is the ability to extract and analyze documents, which in turn allows lawyers to create courtroom presentations.

There are also no data fees, so businesses have free unlimited data uploads using this application.


CloudNine is fast becoming one the world’s most popular eDiscovery tools and is known for its ease of use. It is designed for corporate legal teams without a background in tech and data handling.

Aside from being quick in pulling up the documents lawyers need for their clients, it’s also very intuitive to use. Customers are able to customize their own interface as well, so that only the relevant coding elements are up on the screen.

The application is also very secure and has seven levels of physical protection as well as advanced security protocols.


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