Are you in need of the best free apps to mute or remove audio from videos on iPhone? Precisely videos from your camera roll? Then, stick around as this post is sure to equip you with all the information you need based on the subject.

For some reason, there are times when taking off the audio part of a video becomes necessary. Especially if you intend putting these videos on social networking platforms like Facebook stories, WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories et cetera.

For snapchat users, this is quite easy. However, based on usage, this is only doable if the actual video was recorded using the snapchat application in the first place. I am not sure if same can be done for the videos in the camera roll on iPhone. And quite frankly, I haven’t tried.

The iPhone does have the edit feature for videos. However, all this does, is trim the video. No other options to mute, change color adjustments and all of that. Just trim and that’s it. This is really basic, especially in this time and age.

However, there are some apps you can use to remove audio from a video on iPhone. That, I’d be sharing with you here.

Best Free Apps To Remove Audio From Videos On iPhone Camera Roll

By default, videos shot using an iPhone, is saved in the photos folder also known as the camera roll. For this reason, you will generally find all the recorded videos under the camera roll or videos under the photos app.

best apps to remove audio from video on iPhone

In my quest to finding an app that removes the sound from a video on IOS, I tried out a few and I will be introducing them to you here. But first, how about we talk on the one that exactly worked for me? Thereafter, we can explore other apps if for some reason, you like varieties. I’d advice taking the time to read to the end to. Something is hidden beneath. Call it, an hidden treasure.

1. MuteVideo

This is quite explanatory, right? The name pretty much defines what the app does. Essentially, mute video app removes the audio sound from videos on an iPhone or iOS device.

Based on usage, the app is straight to the point and should be easy for any one to work with.

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The ratings on the app store isn’t encouraging though. With a rating of 2.9 out of 5 as at when writing this, one would feel skeptical as to whether or not, to give the app a shot.

I gave it a shot and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. It removed the audio from the video and made just the video available. That way, I can upload it to any of my social media profile without having to care about what people would say about the sound or background noise. Technically, they won’t be able to hear any thing as the video has no sound. So, that’s fine.

Hence, if you aim to mute the audio on a video using your iPhone, mute video is definitely one app to try out.

How To Download and Use Mute Video App?

Mute Video is available on the Apple app store for downloads. Hence, no need downloading from an external source.

Download MuteVideo

Step #1. After download is complete, launch the app.

Step #2. Permission will be required to send notification and to access photos. Choose the OK option. That way, the app will be able to access your video contents.

Step #3. The next screen will display all the videos on the iPhone.

Step #4. Select the video you want to remove the audio from, tap on Choose.

select choose on mutevideo app for iPhone

Step #5. Tap on the volume mute icon indicated in the screen shot below and thereafter, tap on the download icon.

successfully mute audio sound on video using iOS

That’s it. Exit the app, go to the video file in the camera role, play it and you should figure the sound as been removed.

If you just want to lower the audio volume, that can be done. Just follow the same step in step #. This time, move the sound bar to the left.

Being able to change the export quality of the video is also doable. This is necessary if you want to change the quality from being at its highest, to medium or low.

To do this, tap on the settings gear icon and tap on Quality. Feel free to play with every other options therein. However, for basic use, all of those won’t be needed.

2. AudioFix

This is another app I stumbled on during my quest for apps to mute video sounds on your IOS device.

Audio Fix not only allows you remove the sound in a video on your iPhone, it can also boost the volume, remove wind sounds from the video, cut off hiss sounds as well as smooths the audio.

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There is an option to compare the changes to the original sound before choosing to export. Now, while the app is said to be free on the app store, it isn’t actually free.

As a matter of fact, other than just playing around, no actual gains in terms of being able to export any kind of audio changes without the need for a subscription. For this reason, I’d say, skip this one.

If however, you’d like to try audiofix as a result of its features, the pro version of the app costs $19.99. Would you want to pay that?

Download Audiofix

3. iConv

Yes, you read that right. It isn’t icon but iConv. The v is included and based on instinct, I’m guessing this means iConvertVideo. I’m not exactly sure why the I but, that’s kind-of a norm with the apple ecosystem, I guess.

iconv audio sound removal app for iPhone

iConv is technically a video converting app for iPhone. This allows you covert videos from a particular format to another. Not only can you convert videos on the app, you can also do same with audio files. However, while presented with the option to convert videos, there is the option to convert only the video or audio file only.

That way, you can have the output as only a video with no audio included, or only the audio with no video included. Of course, option to have both video and audio in place, is also available. Whatever output you choose in this case, would be based on what you want with the app.

If choosing to have just the audio file only, you can choose to have it exported as a MP3 file, m4r file (which can be used as ring tones on iPhone), wav and quite a considerable number of audio file extensions.

What’s more interesting is, the app is free to use. Of course, there is an option to upgrade to pro but for the most part, you should be fine with the free version. Especially if wanting to convert one or two videos within a really short pace of time.

Download iConv

4. MuteBot

The last but not the least app we will be talking about in regards how to remove audio from videos on iPhone, is Mutebot.

mutebot app for iPhone to remove sound from videos

Again, the name is self-explanatory and for the most part, tend to tell what the app essentially does. This app also helps remove sound from a video on iPhone however, it comes with a limitation.

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What’s this limitation? Videos are limited to just 10 seconds. Kinda reminds me of the initial length of snapchat videos before it was increased.

For some, this can be a turn off. However, upgrading removes the time restriction as well as watermark. Upgrade also brings about quality settings.

If you are not a fan of watermarks being displayed in your video regardless of the time frame, skip this one. If however, you are confident you’d be more comfortable with the Mutebot app, upgrade costs $1.99. I mean, you are better off with that rather than using the free version. Except of course, you do not mind watermark being displayed in your video and your video being limited to just 10 seconds.

Get MuteBot

The Best Free Apps To Remove Audio Sound From Video I Recommend?

Having stated all the apps I was able to explore above, I am sure by now, you’d know what the best apps are. Or at least, my personal favorites.

If by chance, you haven’t figured and you made it down to this point of the guide, the best free apps to remove audio from video on your iPhone are; iConv and MuteVideo.

The download links can be found below their respective headings above.

In my opinion, iConv would come first because of the extra things you can do with the app for precisely free. Except having to deal with ads of course. Another limitation with this app however, is the fact that there is a time limit as to the number of files you can convert. To remove the limitation, an upgrade is needed. If you are the patient type, you must likely wouldn’t need to upgrade.

MuteVideo on the other hand, is Strictly to remove audio sound from a video and that’s basically it.

Would you be interested in movie streaming apps for your iPhone or iPad? Check out Movie Diary app which does justice to that.

So, that’s it. Which other app would you recommend for iPhone users for the sole purpose of removing sound or audio from a video without distorting the quality of the video? We’d like to hear your input in the comment session.


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