Netflix Nigeria is no doubt, one of the most known online movie and series streaming service. If you are the type who enjoys streaming movies and series online, there’s a chance you will love Netflix.

Couple of months back, the service was finally launched in Africa and so far, quite a number of Nigerians seem to be on the platform.

A quick intro about the service – Netflix Inc is an American Multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997 by Reed Hastings and Randolph. But those wouldn’t really matter to you right? I mean, you are more interested in getting on the service and making the best all of it yeah? I’ve got you covered!

How To Sign Up On Netflix Nigeria

Owing to the fact that the service is now in Nigeria, Nigerians do not need to use a VPN or any of those bypassing tricks to get on the network.

Signing up for Netflix Nigeria is pretty easy and straight forward. You can either choose to register via the Netflix application or via the website.

Sign up on netflix nigeria website

For flexibility sake, I would recommend using the website as against using the app. The reason for this is because, trying to register using the app, you will be prompt to pay using Google Play Store which of course, would be in Naira (NGN) currency. However, this might not go through with your credit card. Hence, the website registration is a better idea.

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Registering On Netflix Website

  • Visit
  • If registering using a mobile phone, tap on Join Free For a Month,
  • Choose your preferred plan. Netflix plans are self-explanatory (See below).
  • Tap on Continue, enter your email address and preferred password</>,
  • Tap on Register and you are almost set.

Although Netflix Nigeria offers the first month for free, you would need to enter a valid credit or debit card.  After payment is made and service is active, launch the Netflix app (if you want to watch via a smart phone), input your account details and you are good to go.

Please note: A payment will be sent across. But don’t be scared, your money will be returned to your account within minutes. The reason the charge is made is to be sure the credit/debit card used, is valid and has the required amount in it. But not to worry, your money will be returned within minutes.

Netflix Nigeria Subscription Plans

Netflix subscription plans are the same worldwide. The only difference however, is the exchange rate.

Netflix Nigeria subscription plans

The service has three subscription plans – Basic, Standard, and Premium.

  • The basic plan as the name implies, is for basic users. Users who don’t expect so much. For a monthly payment of $7.99, basic users are entitled to watching Netflix on one screen at a time, watch unlimited movies and TV Shows, Cancel anytime, and gets the first month free.
  • Standard users get all the benefits of a basic user. The only additions would be HD quality videos and being able to watch Netflix on two screens at same time. Basic plan amounts to $9.99 on a monthly payment plan.
  • Premium plan on the other hand, are for premium users. Premium users get all the benefits of the basic and standard plans. Of course, the benefits of Ultra HD movies and being able to watch Netflix on 4 screens at same time is added. Premium plan amounts to $11.99 on a monthly payment plan.
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Considering the current exchange rate, Netflix basic plan in Nigeria would start at around NGN3000 monthly.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

While Netflix can be fun, it can be very distracting. Especially if you are the type who has a lot of free time but prefers to use most of those time for meditation.

Other than that, Netflix most often at times, do not have latest (2016) movies in its database. I personally prefer watching latest movies to watching movies of 2015. Besides, there are quite a number or reliable sites you can download latest movies and series from.

Cancel Netflix subscription

If for any other reason, you’d like to cancel your Netflix subscription, the process is quite easy.

    • Visit and choose to sign in to your account.
    • Tap on the option button and tap on Your Account,
    • Scroll down and tap on Cancel Membership.
    • If using a Computer, follow same process and tap on Cancel Membership.

It’s that easy.

What is the Recommended Data Plan For Netflix in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, data plan is a big issue when it comes to streaming videos online. You certainly don’t want to be watching an interesting movie and get interrupted due to an unstable internet connection or data plan being exhausted.

Etisalat recently launched a Netflix data plan and you can give that a shot if you haven’t done so. Personally, I use nTel monthly unlimited plan for NGN10,000 monthly and it works absolutely fine.

Although MTN has a 20GB plan for NGN10,000, that might not go far if you plan to watch a lot of movies in a month.

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Glo on the other hand, offers 48GB for NGN8000 but, I wouldn’t recommend it due to the network issues lately. Except you plan staying awake all night just because you want to keep watching movies, then glo is for you.

Having said that, I believe that’s all you need to know about Netflix in Nigeria, how to sign Up, subscription plans, how to cancel subscription and recommended data plans. If you have further questions, feel free to use the comment session.



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