Tubidy as a video search engine, no doubt, has a handful of music videos and MP3 music audio songs on its radar. I have before now, written on the video search engine. However, I didn’t talk in details, how to download files from the platform. Especially for iPhone users.

By default, you can basically download videos on the website. That’s specifically what the website is built for, I guess. However, there is a way you can download tubidy MP3 music audio file for a music video on your phone.

On your phone in this case, could be any android phone. For iPhone, it’s a lot much difficult but, isn’t impossible. This is courtesy of the restrictions on IOS operating system.

Upon choosing to download an MP3 music audio file from tubidy mobile, the file will end up playing on the iPhone instead of downloading. Same applies to videos on the website. Rather than download on the iPhone, they would play.

download tubidy mp3 music audio and mp4 video on iPhone

This isn’t just something with tubidy on iPhone. It’s practically the same way it works with all download platforms on the web except for images. Thankfully, there is a way to go around this. This, I will be showing you in this guide.

How To Download Tubidy MP3 Music Audio On iPhone

Since doing this does not work by default, being able to download MP3 music audio files from tubidy mobile to iPhone would require the use of third-party apps.

I personally use Tdownloader which is also called Total downloader. However, as at the last time I checked, Total Downloader free version is no longer available on the iTunes store. Not sure why it was removed. The only version available, is the premium version.

If you feel the app is worth it and would want to grab the premium version, download Tdownloader here. I initially wrote about how I downloaded using the app on my iPhone.

Thankfully, there are a few other apps on the app store that allows you to download music MP3 audio and mp4 video files from tubidy mobile to your iPhone. Those, I will also be discussing here.

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But first, let’s discuss how to download tubidy mp3 music file on iPhone using Total Downloader. Which apparently, is the best and easiest to work with so far.

Download Music MP3 file From Tubidy On iPhone Using Total Downloader

First, launch the Tdownloader or Total Downloader application on your iPhone

Tap on the menu button and tap on browser.

browser session on Tdownloader for iPhone

In the browser address bar, input tubidy.mobi

Search or select the audio music video you would like to download. When you find it, tap on it.

As a case study, I will be downloading Bruno Mars – That’s what I like. So, I will tap on it.

On the music page, you will be presented a few options; 3GP Reg, 3GP Hi, MP3 Audio, Mp4 Audio and others.

Our aim is to download the MP3 audio file of the music, right? Hence, tap on MP3 Audio.

On the next page, tap on MP3 Audio again.

select MP3 audio to download tubidy mp3 music audio file

You will thereafter, be presented with three options; Download, Open or cancel.

select download to start downloading from tubidy mobile to iPhone

Choose download.

On the save screen, edit the file name if you want. You can also edit the destination folder if you want. When done, tap on Download.

That’s it. The video will be downloaded and when completed, you will get a completed notification on the display.

To verify, click on the menu option again. Select files. Therein, you will find the downloaded MP3 Music file on the iPhone.

Go on, play it.

Love it?


Being able to download tubidy mp3 music audio and video file on iPhone via the use of Tdownloader is that simple.

For those who do not have tdownloader installed and do not want to pay for the premium version, let’s explore other options. Shall we?

Download on iPhone Using DManager

DManager is another app I have confirmed to allow you download music and video files from tubidy on your iOS device.

To download Tubidy MP3 Music Audio file on iPhone using DManager, follow these steps.

First, download the DManager app from the app store.

Launch the app and on the browser tab, input tubidy.mobi in the address bar.

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Navigate to the music file you would like to download. In this case, I will be using “Ed Sheeran – Perfect” as a case study.

On the music files page, select MP3 Audio. Same as in the case of Tdownloader above.

various music and video download options on tubidy

On the next page, tap and hold on the MP3 Audio.

Various options will be displayed. Simply tap on Download.

select download on Dmanager app to download from tubidy to iPhone

Go to the download tab and you will find the downloaded MP3 audio file.

download tab on Dmanager app

To play the file, tap on it.

That’s it. The app works well in downloading tubidy mp3 music and video files on your phone. DManager app is currently available on the app store for downloads. It’s free however, you would have to make do with ads. To get rid of the ads, you would need to subscribe. The price starts at $2.99 for 30 days.

If perhaps, you do not like DManager, there is another app I just discovered that allows you do the same thing.

Tubidy Download Using Titan Browser

Titan Browser isn’t just a browser, but also a downloader and a Music streaming app. What that means is, with Titan browser on your Phone, you can download files from Tubidy and play them on the app.

To download MP3 files from Tubidy Mobile on your iPhone using Titan Browser, follow these steps.

  • Download Titan Browser on your iPhone. Here is a direct link.
  • Launch the app and visit the tubidy website.
  • Visit the music page you’d like to download on the website
  • Select the MP3 file option
  • On the next page, tap on MP3 audio and an option to download will be presented.
  • Tap on download and the download should commence.

When done, tap on the menu tab and select files.

Titan browser menu to play downloaded tubidy music and video files

Therein, you will find the downloaded file. Tap on it to begin playing the downloaded file. That works in downloading tubidy mp3 music audio and mp4 video files, right?

How To Download Tubidy Music Videos On iPhone?

Steps to download videos On Tubidy website to your phone isn’t different from that of audio files. As a matter of fact, same steps apply.

The only alteration, would be choosing MP4 (NOT mp4 audio) instead of MP3. MP4s are video files. Not just video files, they are considered high quality video files.

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tubidy download mp4 video

If you use an iPhone or an android phone in 2018, that’s the option to select in-other to download videos. The 3gp option are for low-end phones. Likes of Java and Symbian phones.

In this time and age, Java and Symbian phones are going into extinction. I see no reason why you should still be using one of those, if you happen to.

Hence, to download tubidy music videos to your iPhone, select the music, choose the MP4 option and on the next page, tap on MP4 Video to begin download.

This works with any of the apps mentioned above. Tdownloader, DManager and Titan Browser.

Wrapping Up

There are quite a handful of apps on the app store claiming to help you download from sites on the internet. However, for the most part, these apps do not work. At least, not in the fashion of downloading from tubidy mobile.

In a bid to come up with this post, I tried lots of apps. To be precise, I tried OVER 10 apps downloaded from the app store and only these 3 were able to perform that function.

Perhaps in the future, I will try out more apps and, if they work out fine in downloading from tubidy on iPhone, I will include it here. Hence, if you know any, please do not hesitate to share.

Bare in mind though, the downloaded songs and videos can only be played on their respective apps. To have the songs show up on your iPhone music library and video library, you would need a computer for that.

It’s quite a lot of process. But if you want, I can make a separate guide on how to. If interested, do not hesitate to let me know using the comment session. Hope this post comes in handy in answering your quest regarding how to download tubidy mp3 music audio and mp4 video on your iPhone?


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