Are you currently not being able to see status updates from your whatsapp contacts? Or perhaps, it’s beginning to seem like your WhatsApp status update feed is not showing updates from contacts they ought to? This guide will walk you through fixing the problem.

WhatsApp before now, have always had the status feature on board. However, they recently launched a new status update system. This is similar to what we have across all Facebook social entity including Messenger and Instagram.

On Facebook, it’s called Facebook Stories. On Instagram, it’s called Instagram stories. Messenger has it as Messenger’s day. However, Facebook seem to have tweaked the feature with that of messenger.

What that means is, updates you post on your Facebook stories, automatically shows up on Messenger’s day as well.

I find this to be really cool as it felt like a bit of a hustle having to update Facebook and messenger at different times in a bid to reach more viewers despite both apps being interlinked.

Solution to WhatsApp Status Update Feed Not Showing Updates From Contacts

I’m sure you know all these features were cloned from snap-chat, right?

Well, I understand that’s not the basis behind this post. We are trying to figure out what’s wrong with the WhatsApp status update feed not being updated, right?

WhatsApp Status Update Feed Not Showing Updates From Contacts

I personally have experienced this issue once or twice. I noticed I wasn’t getting status updates of contacts.

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Knowing the number of whatsapp contacts I have and my contacts being active on the platform with their updates, this felt weird. Really kinda weird.

If this was a case with a particular number of contacts, there wouldn’t be a cause for alarm. I would understand they are probably too busy to post updates on their WhatsApp status.

Instead, I was getting none. No recent update whatsoever.

I knew something was off.

Somehow, I was able to fix that. Can’t remember the steps I took at the time.

A couple of hours back, a friend reached out to me on the mobile messaging explaining she was facing the same problem.

Fix WhatsApp Status Update Feed Not Showing Updates From Contacts

I proffered a suggestion which apparently, fixed the issue she was experiencing. I felt some other people could be facing the same issue hence, I have decided to come up with this post.

Let’s discuss how to fix the situation.

Solution 1#: Force Close The WhatsApp Application

Although the solution proffered in the screenshots above, isn’t force closing the app. You should try this first. I like to think not everyone is comfortable with restarting their device as first resort.

Having this in mind, the first thing you should do, is to force close the WhatsApp application.

Forcing an app is different from pressing the home button. You should completely stop the app from working in the background.

  • For iPhone users, double tap the home button to present your recent apps. Thereafter, close the whatsapp application.
  • I am sure iPhone X users know about how to display recent apps. Same procedure of closing the app applies.
  • For Android, press the recent app button and close the app. Alternatively, go to settings > apps > WhatsApp > Tap on Force Stop.
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After force closing the app, relaunch the app. Wait a few seconds and hopefully, feeds should begin showing on the status tab.

If that doesn’t seem to work, move on to the next solution.

Solution #2: Restart The Phone

This was the quick fix for her. Restarting the phone.

Guess I do not have to talk so much on how to restart your phone. Pretty much anyone should know how to do this.

A hard reset in this case, isn’t exactly necessary. Just press the power button and choose the option to restart. Shutting down and thereafter, turning on should work as well.

Solution #3: Reach Out To A Contact

This should be done after you’ve performed any of the solutions above. Consider this as the last resort or next step to be done after either force closing, or restarting the phone.

The main idea here, is to reach out to one of your contacts and ask them to post an update on their status or stories. Remember, this feature only works if you both have your numbers stored. Hence, be sure to reach out to someone who has your number stored and you have his/her stored as well.

When the person updates his/her status, you should see the update appear in your status or story feed.

So, that’s it. Hope it worked for you? If yes, please do let us know via the comment session. If otherwise, also let us know. We could figure something out together.

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