Currently using the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and the capacitive back / menu buttons no longer works? Here, I’d share a quick fix with you on how to quickly fix the Menu buttons not working on your Xiaomi Android phone.

Although the quick fixes here were attained on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, i am pretty positive it’d work on other xiaomi android phones.

The Redmi Note 4 is no doubt, a pretty awesome device for its price tag. Asides the specifications and features, I particularly love the UI (User Interface). The device runs MIUI (the brand’s custom UI) which I find to be really interesting to play with.

The UI packs a handful of really cool features which could be really useful for day-to-day activities.

I understand you already know all of these. Don’t mind me. I just thought I’d give a little insight for those who don’t know.

Another feature on the device that I find fascinating, is the themes. Of course, this isn’t a first. It’s however, worth mentioning.

Love the iPhone Interface? You can have a replica on the device. Love the Samsung Edge interface too? You can have that as well. What about the Google Pixels Interface? They’ve got you covered.

Should i go on?

OK, let’s come back to the main subject matter.

Fix Menu buttons no longer working on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

This is actually not the first time I’d be sharing tips on how to quickly fix menu buttons no longer working on Android phones. So, what exactly is new here? You may want to ask. Not to worry, you’d find out in a bit.

The first quick fix I shared was pertaining to a Tecno Camon C9 Android phone. Of course, same quick fix is valid on literally every android phone. However, that trick gave room for another android issue described as screen overlay detected error. Of course, I did share a fix for that too (See here).

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A couple of days or weeks back, I shared another quick trick which seemed better than the first. Bear in mind, both quick fix can be implemented on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

So, exactly what’s new? **drum roll, please**

Quick Fix To Capacitive Menu Buttons No Longer Working On Xiaomi Android Phones

The difference is being able to provide a quick fix on Xiaomi phones without the need for a third-party app.

What this means is, a quick fix to menu buttons no longer working on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is available in the UI. No need for a third-party app.

On basically every other related post which talks on how to fix back button or menu button not working on Android, they often require the use of external apps at the end of the day.

These apps of course, can be downloaded from the play store. Hence, having to download from a third-party resource isn’t the case here.

You see how cool MIUI can be? OK! Let’s not deviate, again.

Using QuickBall Feature To Fix Xiaomi Menu Button Not Working

Xiaomi has a feature called quick ball. This is somewhat similar to iPhone’s Assistive feature. Tecno now has it’s own called T-Point.

Basically what the quick ball option does is, it allows you navigate around the xiaomi phone without having to use the capacitive menu touch buttons.

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Considering the fact that the xiaomi capacitive menu or navigation buttons are not working anymore, the quick ball feature becomes a much better option to use.

How To Activate Quick Ball Feature On Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

  • To activate, go to Settings
  • Screen down and tap on Additional settings
  • Tap on Quick Ball
  • Toggle the Quick Ball option ON.
  • At this point, a small ball should display on the screen.

Small menu button ball displayed on android phone screen

You can move the ball to any edge of the screen by tapping and holding on the ball, then moving it to your preferred location.

To go Back, go to Recent Apps or Home, simply tap on the small ball and, tap on the shortcut you’d like to take or the navigation function you’d like to achieve.

You can also customize this by tapping on select shortcuts. There, you can rearrange the shortcuts, add or remove shortcuts. Really handy!

Although this option may not be as fluid as using the capacitive navigation buttons (if they were working), it’s a better option compared to using 3rd party apps.

With this option, having to face screen overlay detected error on the android phone is eradicated and there’s no need for an additional app to be installed.

This is something I hope to see Infinix and Tecno incorporate in their custom UIs. Precisely on their android phones with capacitive touch menu buttons.

On-screen Android phones most of the time, have no issues with capacitive menu buttons suddenly no longer working. This only happens in a case where the touch screen is affected.

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So, there you have it guys. That’s essentially how to quickly fix menu buttons not working on Xiaomi Android phones.

As earlier mentioned, although this tutorial was achieved on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, this tip should pretty much work on every Xiaomi android phone. Questions? Feel free to ask.

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