Infinix has got a feature included in it’s customized XOS known as the Infinix XHide. The app essentially allows users to hide and unhide apps on their android smartphone.

Earlier before now, I wrote on the subject matter and although that did justice, I feel the need to talk extensively on the subject again.

This time, I aim to be more comprehensive and hopefully this post will get to answer every of your question (s) in relation to the Xhide feature.

Most of the question being received entails How To Retrieve Xhide, How To Reset Xhide lost password On Infinix, Download Xhide for Infinix, unfreeze apps on infinix, and Xhide Code.

There are other related terms on the subject matter but, I’d be answering all of these questions being the prominent.

Infinix xhide, how to download, retrieve files and reset lost password

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Exactly What Is XHide On Infinix Android Phones?

If you are reading this content, I’m guessing you already know what the app does.

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However, for those who do not know, Infinix mobility incorporated this feature on their XOS UI (User Interface which is the customized version on their Android devices) to aid users in hiding apps.

Although being able to hide files without third party apps is very easy and this particular post covers how to, being able to hide apps often require the use of an app.

Infinix aims to cover that part by not requiring it’s users to download an external app. Using Xhide on infinix, you can simply hide your files and apps without the need to download an external app.

While this is a really handy feature, some things can go wrong and that’s what this post aims to address.

So, let’s start from the basis.

How To Download XHide

By default, the app is available on infinix android phones. Infinix Android phones running XOS skin to be exact. Hence, downloading from an external source cannot be attained.

Infinix XOS with XHide app downloaded by default

Infinix over the years, has released two UIs (skins); XUI and XOS. The former being XUI, does not come with the app. However, the XOS does.

Hence, if your phone still runs XUI, it’s definitely a good idea to upgrade at this point. This post should give you an head start on how to upgrade. If you need more detailed guide on this, do not hesitate to ask.

How To Reset Xhide Lost Password On Infinix Android Phones

By default, after setting up the Xhide for the first time and hiding your files, the app automatically becomes invisible.

Some of you tend to term it as ‘disappear‘, hehe! But, I guess that’s exactly what it does. It disappears.

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However, while the app may no longer appear in the list of apps available on your phone, it’s still there. It’s just hidden. The idea for this is, with the app being visible, some people who know how (myself inclusive) can either retrieve those hidden files, or cause damage. You can however, override this in the settings.

To reset your Xhide password, follow the steps below:

Step #1. Go to your phone dialer and dial the code ##00. The Xhide will automatically come up asking that you input your security question and answer.

Step #2. Input the answer to your security question. If correct, the option to input a new password will be displayed.

Step #3. Input a new password. Please be sure you use a password that is unique and can easily be remembered.

A lot of times, people tend to use their birthdays as their password. That’s not save. A better option will be using the reverse order.

How To Retrieve Hidden Apps and Files?

Having followed the two steps above, being able to retrieve your hidden files should be easy.

In a quest to retrieving your hidden apps or files, there is a chance you’ve lost your password. If that’s the case, the second heading above covers that.

Having reset your password, here is how to retrieve your apps and files:

Step #1. Using your phone dialer, dial the code ## and security pin. For example, ##1234. 1234 in this case, is the security pin. You should use your preset pin instead.

Step #2. Having dialed that code, the app should should automatically launch.

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Step #3. Select the category the file was hidden in. This includes communications, pictures, videos, records and app. If you want to unhide an app, select app.

Follow the onscreen instructions and you should be good with that.

On a side note, don’t you think hiding apps via this method can be pretty hectic? If no, great! If yes, there’s an option. You can lock and unlock apps on your Infinix phones using the fingerprint scanner on your phone.

How? This post exclusively talks on how you can achieve that. I’d recommend you check that post out. Especially if your android phone has got fingerprint security feature.

I hope this helps in being able to fix any problem you have with the Xhide feature on your android phone. Do you have a tecno phone within reach? You should check out how to unfreeze apps on Tecno phones.

If this post helped you, please be kind enough to share using the share option. If you have further concerns or questions, please use the comment session. I often reply as soon as I can.

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  1. i used xhide option. i want to ask, when we take data back from xhide folder, where this data saved. suppose i saved some pictures in picture folder of xhide , then i back this data from this folder to phone, i did not get these in phone, thanks

  2. How to download my list x hide app I just updated the mobile to version Honey bee and all my file are gone very important files how wilI recover my gone files

  3. This is marvelous, I have been suffer for days to gain back my app, immediately I dial ##1234 I got to the app immediately thanks u I appreciate u guy.

  4. Just wondering tho is it however possible to get you files back from xhide on another cell, because the original phone spoilt beyond repair

  5. pls,I tried to download xhide on s3,so I dialed ## nothing came up but instead the network I’m using was saying wrong number, what else should I do?

  6. Saya beli infinix hot s3 setelah saya aktifkan handphonenya semua aplikasi saya cek satu persatu tidak menemukan apikasi Xhide padahal ini handphone baru loh, perlu di ketahui sebelum saya beli infinix hot s3 semua saya pelajari dulu baik dari spesifikasi maupun aplikasinya ada tidak buat menyembunyikan aplikasi atau pun foto video dll setelah saya pelajari semuanya baru saya beli infinix hot s3 ternyata kok tidak ada.pertanyaan saya dimana aplikasi Xhide nya

  7. I really don’t know why its very had for the infinix developers to tell us “how to recover my pictures hidden in Chide app after I transferred the root directory files to external storage.”
    If your pictures are in phone storage and hi hidden by Xhide app, you won’t fine them if you transfer the root directory files from phone memory to external storage like memory card or vice-verser.
    Why is this un answerable????
    The first time I mistakenly deleted the xhide app and thankfully I was app to retrieve my photos after I redownloaded the xhide app. But now just transfer my files to SD card and on the other hand they were no where to be seen in the xhide app. I also tried to hide photos that were stored on the SD card by xhide and later realized that after retransferring them back to phone storage, you won’t find them in xhide app.

  8. My xhide app is opening but when I click on the video folder, it will tell me that unfortunately xhide has stopped. What can do please

  9. I want reset my password on xhide the problem is the question I used when setting it is bringing a different question.please help

    • Hi, Moses.

      Whatever question you are being presented, is most likely what you set or someone who did on your behalf, set. You may want to think deeply about it.

      • Comment: When I newly got my Note 4, the app was hidden mistakenly during the set up of the phone so I didn’t even get a chance to set a password.
        I dialed the ##00 as I am supposed to but Xhide didn’t automatically pop up…


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