Being able to use Whatsapp invisibly or appear offline on WhatsApp using an iPhone and Android phone, is completely do-able. Weird? Of course not! This can also be done on windows phone as same procedures apply.

What you are going to find out here, essentially has to do with you being a user of the mobile messaging app, being able to read messages on WhatsApp, view status updates on the app and still appear to be offline.

This is particularly useful for those who tend to like privacy a lot yet, can’t tend to want to ditch using the app. Regardless, some wouldn’t want to be seen as one who uses the app. Perhaps, frequently or to the public. By public, I am making reference to people having the user’s WhatsApp number.

This also makes sense for people with some social status. Maybe, just maybe, you’d prefer being reached on the app only by a certain number of persons. Not everyone having your WhatsApp number and wanting to chat with you on the platform.

If this is the situation you are in, and you’d like to know how to use WhatsApp without anyone knowing or how to completely appear offline on WhatsApp, I will be showing you the steps.

How To Completely Appear Offline On WhatsApp

Again, this can be done on an iPhone and an android phone. However, same procedure applies to windows phone users.

Hence, being able to appear offline on WhatsApp using windows phone is also do-able. All you need do is follow the simple steps.

how to completely appear offline on WhatsApp

In quick summary, here are the things you need to do to appear invisible on WhatsApp;

  • Remove Display Profile Picture Or Change Privacy
  • Turn Off Read Receipts
  • Turn Off Last Seen
  • Secretly read messages

Having stated all of that, how about we discuss precisely how you can get these things done?

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Again, same steps can be done on Android, iPhone and windows phone.

So, let’s start from the top.

How To Remove Display Profile Picture On WhatsApp Or Change Privacy

This should be your first point of action if you want to appear invisible on the mobile messaging platform. The idea here, is to make people think you don’t exactly use the platform when in actual sense, you do.

Alternatively, you can change privacy for your display profile picture. That way, it will only appear to contacts whose numbers, you have stored on your phone.

That way, only contacts you have stored on your phone, will be able to see and view your profile display picture.

To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Account 
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Next, tap on Profile photo and change that to my contacts or nobody.

If you select nobody, nobody will be able to see your profile picture. Selecting my contacts makes the profile picture only visible to contacts whose numbers, you have stored on your phone.

Turn Off Last Seen

The next step in your WhatsApp invisibility pursuit, would be turning off last seen.

The last seen feature on WhatsApp basically tells your contacts the last time you were last seen online or the last time you used the app. It doesn’t matter if the contact is stored on your phone or not, if the last seen isn’t deactivated, anybody will be able to see the last time you accessed the app.

Since the aim is to appear invisible on WhatsApp, it’s a good option to turn this off.

To turn off last seen feature on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Launch Whatsapp application on your iPhone, Android or windows phone
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Next, tap on privacy
  • Tap on Last Seen
  • Change to my contacts or nobody.

Again, setting this to my contacts means only contacts stored on your phone, are able to see your last seen. The nobody option on the other hand, means no one is able to access the last time you were online. Except they eventually meet you online.

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Personally, I like the nobody option. That way, no one (contacts stored or not stored) isn’t able to access the last time I was online.

Bare in mind though, setting this to nobody, you will equally not be able to see the last time a user was online.

Turn Off Read Receipts On WhatsApp Using Android, iPhone or Windows

The next step in this adventure, would be turning off read receipts.

Read receipts was introduced a couple of years back on the mobile messaging platform.

The intent behind the feature is to notify users when their message(s) is read. Before this was introduced, you only get a single or double-check marks. Now, double-check marks means the message has been delivered while a blue double-check mark means the message has been read. A single check means the message has been sent but not yet delivered.

With the intent of being invisible on WhatsApp, you don’t want people knowing when you read their messages, right? Good! In that case, you should turn this off.

Turning read receipts off isn’t only useful in cases where you don’t want people knowing you’ve read their messages. It’s also useful in the case of the newly launched WhatsApp Status feature.

The post where I talked on how to view status updates without letting them know explains this in details.

To turn off whatsapp read receipts, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Whatsapp application
  • Again, go to Settings
  • Tap on Account
  • Again, tap on Privacy
  • Scroll down and toggle the read receipts option Off.

That’s it. That’s how to turn off WbatsApp read receipts on iPhone, Android and windows phone.

Now, let’s talk on the last but not the least process.

Secretly Read WhatsApp Messages

The idea behind secreting reading your Whatsapp messages, is to not be seen online. Think of it as avoiding being caught.

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I understand you may be asking, is it really necessary after all the steps above?

Well, not exactly. You can do away with it. However, if you are so bent on not being caught online, you should also pay attention to this step.

You want to read your whatsapp messages, reply them and not be seen by anyone as being online. You may not know, someone may be stucking you real closely on the app.

The secret behind being able to read whatsapp messages without appearing online or be seen online, is to turn off your internet connection.

How exactly?

The simple trick is, turn OFF data connection, read the messages, reply if needed, close the application completely and turn back ON your internet connection.

That way, the app will automatically send the messages and you won’t be shown as being online even if the sender receives your response immediately.

For iPhone, simply swiping to reveal the control center and turning on airplane mode, does the trick.

Same applies to Android. Swipe down, turn on airplane mode, read and reply those messages if necessary, close the app and turn off airplane mode.

Really simple!

So, that’s it guys. That’s basically how to completely appear invisible or appear offline on WhatsApp on iPhone, Android or windows phone despite using the application.

If there’s anything you’d like to add, please be sure to do so using the comment session.

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