Are you trying to log into your tinder Account but instead, face the Tinder Error A:40303? This post will guide you through why you are being faced with that error and possible steps to take.

Sometime back, we discussed how to fix tinder oops something went wrong error and now, let’s look at the 40303 error.

Why Your Account Is Displaying Tinder Error A:40303?

If you are being faced with this error, there are two reasons as to why that happened.

  1. Your tinder account has been banned or deleted. For the most part, banned is the case.
  2. Someone reported you on tinder for whatever reason including being a transgender.

If that’s the case, it feels like you are stuck. Right? Well, technically, yes and…. No.

Tinder Error A:40303

Tinder is quite strict with its policy. For that reason, they are quite quick to banning and deleting accounts when they are reported.

This is often not the case with most social networking platforms. For the most part, when an account is reported, they are monitored.

Tinder on the other hand, is quick to banning or deleting a reported account. The reason for this is, they respect user experience on their app and hence, take quick measures on reports and accounts that ascribes to transgender, crossing-dressing or other form of LGBTQ.

Other than LGBTQ, if a user is known for often engaging in abusive conversations or often reported to be abusive, his/her account could be flagged with the A:40303 error.

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Example Of Report Case Leading To Tinder Error 40303

While you are often faced with the something went wrong 40303 upon logging into your account, it’s best you check your email. That is if you registered with one.

Below is an example of the kind of mail you’d receive if your tinder account is banned or deleted.

Hello Mark,

Your account has been removed and banned from Tinder for violating our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines in some way. The safety of our users is very important to us. You will not be able to create a new Tinder profile using your Facebook account and/or phone number.

If you’re a Tinder Plus subscriber, you’ll need to cancel your subscription yourself. For steps on how to cancel, please visit our FAQ at

Please refer to our Terms of Service ( and Community Guidelines ( for more information.

Thank you,


The message isn’t any different from what’s displayed on this tinder page regarding the error.

Possible Fix For Tinder 40303 Banned Error?

If you are curious to knowing if there is a fix for tinder A:40303, I would say, it depends.

If your account has been in violation of their policy, I doubt the odds of you getting your account back.

However, if you believe you haven’t violated any of the policies and you are 100% certain of that, chances are, you could get your tinder account re-instated.


You would need to contact the support team. To contact tinder, visit On the page, choose support and select your device type.

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I would advise you explain your ordeal in details. This is necessary for whoever attends to your mail, to be convinced to properly look through.

In a case whereby your account couldn’t be re-instated, you are better off creating a new one and playing safe.

If that’s the option you choose to go by, you will need to use a new Facebook account or phone number. It may be safer to not use the same device as its possible for the social networking platform to store users IPs and cache.

Hope this helps you with your quest to understanding Tinder error A:40303. Any questions? Do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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