About 360Learning LMS, 360Learning is a Learning Management System (LMS) developed to support distributed experts, coaching, and even smaller teams to accelerate their training efficiency, maximize their growth, and reach their business goals within a short period of time. 

LMS provides new and innovative learning management, collaboration, and communication tools based on the latest technologies and highly scalable business applications. LMS also provides customized platforms and custom components for application development, deployment, business process integration, and maintenance. 

advantages of using 360Learning LMS

360Learning LMS provides all the necessary services and benefits to turn your virtual or dedicated IT infrastructure into a highly functional, cost-effective, and sustainable learning environment.

360Learning also offers a free trial for their clients so that they can try their software and could experience the advantages it offers.

Advantages of using – 360Learning LMS

Here are some of the advantages of choosing 360Learning for your organization:

Supports virtual learning

360Learning LMS is designed to improve collaboration among team members in a virtual learning environment. LMS comes with several components that make the collaboration among team members more productive.

The most important aspect of 360learning LMS is that it helps the learners and trainers to collaborate easily in real-time.

Advanced and unique features

360Learning LMS provides various features like multilingual content creation, document uploads, easy collaboration, whiteboarding, presence indication, site maps, rich internet toolbars, rich text editor, rich graphic editor, search tool, and many more. 

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It enables developers and designers to integrate new technologies and solutions into learning management systems effortlessly. It also provides a high-speed internet connection. This enables fast deployment and integration of newly developed solutions. As this LMS is hosted by a famous institute, many companies and small organizations can easily integrate solutions and code without any problem.

The best feature of 360learning LMS is its collaborative learning experience. It enables easy sharing of documents among all the participants in course creation. In this way, one can easily keep track of course progress. 

360learning LMS also facilitates the collaboration of different people on the same project. Thus, learners can interact with experts and instructors through online portals.

Various course creations

360learning LMS provides three different types of course-creation options. It allows course creation with instructor-based interfaces, instructor-led courses, and self-guided user-based courses. 

Each type, of course, has its own self-contained solution. It uses its familiar web-based authoring tool to create interactive learning content. It enables the use of traditional office applications such as PowerPoint to deliver course content to the participants. Moreover, it also offers convenient collaboration tools for managing student lists.

Video and written training

Another feature of 360learning is its Training, which includes both written and video training. In addition to the video tutorials, it provides extensive help on each training module with extensive manuals and audio guidance. 

To make the training process more successful, Training is accompanied by comprehensive tests that cover important areas. These tests enhance the training and help learners to take up the test easily.

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To get the maximum benefit of 360learning LMS, it is very important to employ the right reviewers. A reviewer’s role comes into play during training sessions. 

The reviewer role involves analyzing the training for strengths and weaknesses and then providing useful inputs to the trainers. The reviewers must provide comprehensive feedback to the training provider to make necessary corrections.


360learning LMS has introduced a completely new concept of LMS Portfolio Management. This concept has played a vital role in the success of 360learning LMS. Portfolio Management ensures that all the training programs are organized in a way that is beneficial to all trainees. 

To get the best results, it is advisable to deploy the appropriate number of employees for the project so that all parties are benefited from the program. This also helps in avoiding duplication of tasks and saves time, effort, and money.


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