Linda Ikeji TV App took the number 1 entertainment spot on google play store in Nigeria. Perhaps the number one blogger in Africa, Linda Ikeja, has officially launched its Linda Ikeja TV (LITV) service which is an online platform for streaming Nigerian (Africa at large) Reality Shows, TV series, Movies and More.

This, I suppose, is meant to compete with the likes of IrokoTV, ibakaTV and the very few others which have managed to craft a niche in the country. The service which was meant to launch on the 1st of June, 2018, had to be delayed to the 8th of June, 2018. However, I am guessing it went mainstream today being June 10th, 2018.

linda ikeji TV app review stream reality shows and movies

I mean, this was when the blogger aggressively promoted the service via her Instagram handle. Of course, Although the blogger has been publishing snippets before now regarding the service, the app only became available today (I like to think so).

Linda Ikeji TV App Review (LiTV)

In-other to put up a review of the app, I decided to download the application which is now on Google Play Store for android users. IOS users would need to wait a week before it becomes available on the app store. Having downloaded the app and done every necessary step, the review is finally ready.

Getting Started With The LITV App for Android

As earlier mentioned, the Linda Ikeji TV app is currently only available on the Google play store for android users. According to Linda, the app will be available in the app store for iPhone and hopefully, iPad users in the coming week. Until then, this review is based on using an android phone.

sign up or register for linda ikeja tv service

Upon downloading and launching the app, you will be required to either sign in, or sign up. If it is your first time, inputting your details and creating your account should be your best bet. Details required are your name, Email Address and password. When done, just tap on the create account button.

It is necessary you input your correct email address. Why? A verification email will be sent to that email and it is required that you verify your email address before being able to use the service. This, shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Upon verification, you will thereafter, be required to choose a payment plan.

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Linda Ikeji TV Payment Plans

Being able to use the app or the service in general, isn’t free. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the blogger claimed to have spent about half a billion to put this up. Hence, it is only understandable that payment is required for the premium service.

Likes Of iRokoTV and Netflix are not free either. Although Netflix offers one month free service, iRoko doesn’t. For a new service, I guess it would have made sense to introduce a free trial. Perhaps, 7 days? That way, users get a glimpse of what you’d miss out on if they do not subscribe.

linda ikeji TV app payment plans and validity periods


In regards pricing, there are different price variations for different validity periods. The available validity periods as at when publishing this, ranges from one month to 1 year. You can decide to pay monthly, quarterly or decide to pay yearly. Choosing the yearly plan saves you NGN2000 by my calculation.

To be a little more explicit, these are the payment plans for the LITV service;

  • Monthly – NGN1000
  • 3 Months – NGN3000
  • 6 Months – NGN5500
  • 1 Year (12 months) – NGN10,000.

Payments as at this time, can only be made using your credit or debit card. I personally used a GTB MasterCard and it worked fine. I am pretty much sure If I had used my Access Bank VISA Card, that would have worked as well.

Having cleared pricing out-of-the-way, how about we talk on the use of the app. Shall we?

User Interface

Usually, when you verify your email address, you are directed to the online platform which looks so much like the app. Although you can work with that, I would advice returning back to the app. Simply input your details and the payment page (if you haven’t paid already), should be presented.

The user interface is pretty easy to work with. It’s more of a dark-skinned UI which has proven to be what most people tend to prefer lately over others.

linda ikeji TV app User Interface

I mean, we are earnestly still hoping a more viable dark mode is introduced to iPhone. Although YouTube, twitter, Spotify, Netflix and a couple of other apps incorporates the dark UI, it is nice to see the LITV app maintain the same tradition.

On the homepage, you can clearly find categories like Trending, Reality Shows, TV Series, TV shows, Movies, and recently added. On the tab session, you can find other tabs like the search, feedback, and menu.

The search tab allows you search for a particular TV show, Reality Show, movie et cetera. The feedback tab allows you send feedbacks or reports regarding the service to the LIM (Linda Ikeji Media) team while the menu pretty much handles other information like logged in device, account, settings and the option to log out.

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continue watching feature on LITV app

There is also a continue watching feature. Technically, this is very similar to the continue watching feature on NetFlix. This allows you continue right-of where you left on your shows and movies. I personally find the feature to be really handy.

Contents On LITV

The blogger via her instagram page, mentioned there will be quite a number of contents for viewing pleasures. As at when writing this, this isn’t far-fetched. She also mentioned more will be added as time goes by. It will be nice to see how that forms.

As earlier mentioned, there are a limited number of categories on the app or service right now. As at when writing this, there is the trending category, Reality shows, TV series, TV shows and Movies.

Reality shows, TV shows, Movies on Linda Ikeji TV app

Under the Reality show category, you get to see the likes of Real Naija Ladies of Dallas, Toyin Abraham True and Bare, Oyinbo wives of Lagos, Gidi Girls, Ice Prince Rise and Grind and a host of others.

There are a handful of contents which should last you a few days or weeks depending on how often you watch these sort of contents. There is currently not so much compared to the competition, we are hoping more are brought on the platform as promised.

Reality Shows and Movies Not Playing?

Reading through the comments on Linda Ikeji’s instagram post regarding the app, a number of persons complained of not being able to watch reality shows, tv shows and movies present on the app.

Quite frankly, this was something I experienced initially. However, it seemed to have been fixed now. Another thing I initially experienced, was continuous buffering during the course of streaming. I am guessing this was as a recent of congestion at the time.

As at when publishing this, everything seem to work fine now. Shows and movies on the platform now plays without buffering. Maybe because it’s presently past 11pm at night. I am not sure. Whatever the case, it seem to be working fine now.

Considering the fact that the app is still in it’s early stage, I guess it’s okay to experience some bugs. Hopefully they will be fixed in due time.

A Few Needed Adjustments?

Oh yes. From my perspective, I feel like some features should be added and improved. First, the streaming. Take for example, NetFlix. Watching movies on NetFlix sorta works in same pattern as YouTube. What do I mean? The video quality adapts to your network speed. That way, you do not get to experience buffering except on a really slow internet connection. I’m guessing irokotv works in same (or almost same) pattern.

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On LITV app, there are currently only two video quality display options; HD and SD. While SD should work with the standard network in Nigeria, adaptability is still very important. For example, on YouTube, depending on your network speed, videos might play on 360p or 240p even down to 144p. On a very good internet speed and depending on the video uttermost quality, videos could play in 720p, 1080p or even 1440p.

Another adjustment I would recommend, is the download feature. Currently, being able to download Movies and Shows on Linda Ikeji TV app is not feasible. No option for that, yet. However, it will be really nice to have that get introduced.

Irokotv and netflix both have the feature that allows you download videos for offline viewing. Even YouTube via the YouTube app, allows you do same. I see no reason why this shouldn’t be introduced on the platform. Not every one is opportune to have data all through the day or opportune to be in a good network environment all the time.

Wrapping Up

So far, Linda Ikeji TV app seem promising. However, do I consider the pricing to be on pal? Well, assuming irokoTV is its major competitor, I wouldn’t say it is. iRokoTV currently offers a yearly payment plan of NGN3000. I hear there is even a way to pay NGN2000 yearly instead. That’s a whooping difference of NGN7000 or NGN8000 yearly.

While that sounds like a lot, irokotv basically offers movies and TV shows, only. LITV on the other hand, currently provides Reality shows from your favorite celebrities. Not just celebs, but also tend to look into real life situations, surroundings. This also includes the usual TV series and movies. To be candid, LiTV seems very promising.

Do I consider the service to be worth giving a shot? Definitely, Yes! So far, I don’t regret signing up. I just hope more contents are introduced to the platform alongside the option to download in due time.


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