There are quite a handful of telugu movie streaming sites on the internet and Movierulz, happens to be one of them.

For a while now, we’ve often been talking about movies, television shows and sites to watch movies online for free. You should actually check out that post. It’s a long list of sites and they are all confirmed not to require registration or sign up before being able to watch or download movies. Website.

While it seems like we are indeed, doing well in providing information in regards the subject, there is still more to cover.

There are still other sites to bring to your notice and quite frankly, you may miss it if we bundle all of them into one post. Heck, we can’t even bundle them into one. Why? New movie streaming sites are being introduced more often than you know or, than we know.

Movierulz working movierulz sites for downloading latest movies

The website isn’t exactly new. However, We haven’t talked about the site in any of the posts on this blog. For this reason, we will be disclosing here, the working movierulz sites for streaming latest movies for free.

We will also be making reference to other important contents relating to movies and streaming movies online. Hence, you really should take the time out to read every little detail.

Features Of MovieRulz

While there are loads of movie streaming websites on the internet, some tend to have distinctive features.

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The movie download site features the following;

HD Quality Download Options

Movies on the platform, are often in HD format. This means you can watch your favorite movies and shows for free In High Definition format.

Various Streaming Servers

They say variety is the spice of life. In the internet world and when it comes to films, that is also true.

Sometimes, due to congestion, servers can become slow. Other than that, one may be offline. This is particularly why I am a fan of FzMovies. When one server isn’t working or download speed is slow, I simply choose another.

That’s precisely the case with Movierulz movie streaming website. There are different streaming servers available for you to watch a movie.

Updated Daily – movierulz telugu

One interesting thing with these free online movie streaming services, is daily updates. This isn’t the same with every website, but for most of them, it is. movierulz telugu

Even for wapsites like waptrick, contents are updated daily. This is same for movierulz and VuClip video site. That way, you get to visit the site often and get updated with new movies to watch online for free.

Live Chat

This is perhaps, what makes the website different from most others I know. The live chat feature.

This is a feature embedded in the site to aid you with queries. Hence, if you have issues with the platform or perhaps, you need help with something, the live chat is a good place to get started.

Registration and log in is required to use the live chat. This shouldn’t be a big deal for you, I guess.

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SEARCH Bar Available

You have a movie in mind? There is a search bar on the website which allows you search for a particular film.

This isn’t exclusive to movierulz website though. Almost every website on the internet has a search bar or search function. Movie sites are no exception.


There are loads of categories on the website. Basically, you can watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the website.

The website has provision for Tamil Movies, Telugu and Malayalam movies. You can also find movies via Genres.

Working Sites For Streaming Movierulz telugu Movies 2018

Now to the main subject matter. The website tends to switch domains very often.

Only a couple of months back, the movierulz telugu working domain was Now, the working domain is Of course, the former redirects to the latter.

For the sake of ease, these are the working Movierulz sites for streaming latest telugu and malayalam movies.




http://www.movierulz.msONLINEVery Fast Fast Fast
http://movierulz.unblockus.siteOFFLINEN/A Fast
MovieRulz ProxyONLINEFast
Unblock MovieRulzONLINENormal
MovieRulz UK ProxyONLINEFast
MovieRulz Mirror SiteONLINENormal
MovieRulz AlternativesONLINENormal
MovieRulz IN ProxyONLINEFast
Unblock MovieRulz ProxyONLINENormal
MovieRulz UnblockedONLINEFast
Proxy for MovieRulzONLINESlow
Access MovieRulzONLINEFast
MovieRulz Proxy MirrorONLINESlow
MovieRulz Fast ProxyONLINESlow

So this was some genuine info about the website and if you are looking forward to watch movies from this site, go ahead and try it out for sure. malayalam.

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For the sake of those who would want more. Do you know there are apps that allow you watch movies online for free? We have a post which talks on the best android apps for movies. On those apps, you can download and stream movies for free.

If choosing to stay with sites, it is often advised that you use opera mini browser for streaming or downloading those movies. Reason being that, these download sites tend to utilize a lot of pop of ads. That includes this particular platform. The website utilizes pop up ads which can be a problem. Using the android web browsing app, the pop ups are not removed, but reduced.

Are you a fan of comics? We have a list of sites to read comics online for free. Guess there’s a whole lot to discover on this very blog.

Hope this solved your query in regards Movierulz and the working domains for streaming movies online?


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