Being able to watch movies online for free in 2018 without having to sign up or register is easy and doable. However, there are a lot of apps and sites out there that tend to deceive people.

By that, they pose as though they offer the service of allowing you watch movies for free when in actual sense, they want you to keep clicking ads and not actually streaming or downloading a movie.

Prior to writing this post, I did a quick research on websites to watch movies online without registration. Some of the sites mentioned in the articles I stumbled on, still tend to ask that you register or sign up. I find that to be misleading. Some others seem not to be working anymore.

best websites to watch movies online without sign up or registration in 2018

For this reason, I have decided to come up with a verified list. By that, I mean, every website I will be mentioning here, allows you stream movies online without having to register or sign up. I call it, verified lists of websites to download or stream movies online.

Verified Websites To Watch Movies Online In 2018 Without Signing Up or Registering

Again, all the sites that will be mentioned here, are verified. If in need of apps rather than sites, I wrote a comprehensive post on Android apps to stream and download movies online. For comic lovers, here is a comprehensive list of sites to check out. Without further ado, here are the current working and best sites to watch movies online in 2018 without registration.

1. FouMovies

FouMovies have been around the block for a really long time now. The website provides direct download links for latest free movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Foumovies download and watch movies online without sign up or registration

The user interface is easy to work with and there is option to select movies by Genre, year and language. On the homepage, you’d find content by random. Thereafter, is the content recently added.

To watch movies on FouMovies, you do not need to register nor sign up. Neither do you need to click any link to unlock download.

Features Of FouMovies

  • strictly movies are what can be founded on the platform. No television shows.
  • Up-to-date movies. Movies are often updated and available for download. Even the latest incredibles 2 movie is available for download on FouMovies.
  • Advanced search features
  • Video quality options
  • Option to watch trailer before deciding to download movie
  • Complete cast and stars option for movies
  • No streaming instead, movie is downloaded.

FouMovies is definitely a good website to download movies online for free. However, being able to steam the movie isn’t attainable. For the most part, I am sure that’s okay, right?

2. FzMovies

My favorite movie streaming and download site. Just like the website started above, FzMovies is strictly a movie website. Meaning, no TV shows available.

Fzmovies - download bollywood and hollywood movies

The website has been available for a really long time now and over the years, it is my go-to-site for movie downloads. Now, I understand you are curious to finding sites to watch movies online. FzMovies allows you do not. However, I find this to be working with opera Mini Browser.

Upon choosing amongst the various download servers presented, you will be presented three options; Open, download and cancel. If you want to watch the movie online, choose open. That of course, is only the case if using a android web browser application like Opera Mini.

3. HDMP4Mania

HDMP4Mania is another resourceful website that allows you watch movies online without having to sign up or register. The website also doesn’t present an option to click a particular button before having to stream movies.

HDMP4Mania movie downloads, TV shows and WWE Wresting shows

I have known this website for a while now and it’s worth being added to this list. Not only can you stream or download movies on the website, you can also watch TV shows and WWE wrestling on the website. Now, how cool is that?

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You will most likely find the website easy to work with as it offers Hollywood movies, Bollywood, Hollywood dubbed in different file formats.

4. CoolMoviez

CoolMoviez is another favorite of mine. It’s another movie streaming site that allows you download movies. Being able to stream the movie without downloading is possible via the use of browsing apps like Opera Mini.

download hollywood movie on coolmovies

As a matter of fact, for the most part, I would advise using opera Mini because these sites tend to utilize a lot of pop up ads. Using opera Mini just reduces but doesn’t completely get rid of the pop ads.

On, you will find listed, the latest movies and the trending movies. You can also select movies by Genre while keeping a watch on the upcoming movies.

Use of the website is totally free and doesn’t require any form of registration or signing up on your part.

5. 123Movies

123Movies is another recently discovered platform for movies. Not just movies, but television shows as well.

watch movies online on 123movies

Unlike the above websites which allows you download movies and TV shows, 123Movies basically is a movie and TV show streaming website. What that means is, you can only watch movies and TV shows on the website. Signing up or registration is definitely not required for you to use the website.

6. BobMovies

Bob movies is another movie streaming website that typically allows you stream movies online without having to download.

bobmovies stream movies online

The website tend to showcase the latest released movies including likes of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, 211, Incredibles 2. These are movies that are still currently showing in cinemas.

There is also an option to sort movies by date, ratings, comments and title. The quality available for films are often displayed on the movie page. That way, you do not get deceived thinking the quality is HD when it’s actually CAM. While streaming online works, downloads requires registration.

7. HouseMovie.To

HouseMovie.To is another website that provides movie streaming service without having to create an account. stream movie online without sign up in 2018

The website has an almost similar User interface with 123Movies and on the homepage, you can rightly see an option to search for a movie you would like to watch.

If you do not know which movie to download or stream, uss the latest movies, popular movies or new movies option. The latest movies displays the latest released movies on the platform. Hence, if you aim to watch latest blockbuster movies online without having to create an account, that could be the best place to get started.

8. FMovies

FMovies is a website I just discovered. Although the name sounds quite familiar with FzMovies, they are different.

fmovies download films

The FMovies website does seem quite easy to work with and offers you the option to stream movies online without having to sign up or create an account.

The website offers not only movies, but also TV series. On the homepage, you can find Cinema Movies, Latest Movies, Latest TV-Series. You can also find movies via Genre, country. Look Chinese Movies? You can stream Chinese movies on FMovies.

9. YouTube

Surprised? Don’t be. YouTube is a video sharing platform and as such, there are a handful on the platform.

watch movies on youtube

I personally, tend to resort to movies on YouTube and you know how it is with the service. The only problem however, is that you won’t find any latest released movie or blockbuster movie on YouTube. Instead, you’d find the old ones.

I recently watched Home Again 4 on the platform and I have watched a couple. If latest isn’t your watch world, YouTube is definitely a website to watch movies online for free in 2018. Of course, you do not need to create an account or log in to use YouTube. That is only required if you need to save videos to watch later or comment.

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Another newly discovered website for films and television shows. just as the name has it, it is a platform for watching movies and TV shows online without registration.


Upon visiting the website, you are told to register. But that’s not the case. Tap the cancel option and continue with the site. I have personally confirmed to stream movies online without signing up. As I write this, I am watching Rampage (a 2018 movie) on the website. The quality is in HD format. This however, may not be the same for every movie on the website.

11. iPagal

IPagal is another interesting site to visit. The website just a wild range of movies and shows for you to choose from. Not just movies and TV shows, you can also download other native videos.

The website seems dedicated to Indians, but does have Hollywood movies for you to download or stream online. And no, registration or having to sign up or create an account is not required.

12. MKVCage

MKVCage is another site that allows you stream movies online without having to download. You also do not need to register to use the website.


Basically, the website displays latest movies in a blog manner. Upon tapping on the preferred movie, you will be given options.

Options to download links, watch online, Torrent, Magnet and premium links. Choosing to watch online, you will be redirected to another website. On the website, is a link to the movie page.

On the movie page, you can begin streaming. When I tried, the video is hosted on openload. Therein, tapping the play icon on the video thumbnail begins playing the video without downloading.

13. CMoviesHD

Another site I just discovered for streaming movies online without sign up, is CMoviesHD. The website has the same User interface as 123gostream and seem to work in same pattern.

cmoviesHD movie streaming website

On the homepage, you can find the latest movies. You can sort the page by choosing most watched today, Top rating and Top IMDb. The default is recommended.

You can select movies via Drama movies, action Movies, Thriller Movies, Horror Movies and Crime Movies. TV series is also part of what you can find on CMoviesHD.

On the movie page, you can switch servers if one server seem to be slow or tend not to be working at any point.

14. YIFY Movies

YIFY is often regarded as a torrent website. If you are vast with downloads on the internet, you would agree that torrent sites are perhaps, one of the most sort after when it comes to downloading movies online.

While the website offers movies in high quality and small sizes, you may employ the use of torrent software to download from the site.

15. Full4Movies

Full 4 Movies is another platform for movies. The website offers a wild range of movies to choose from.

On the homepage, is the new releases. The new releases features the latest movies and those available on the website.

Benealth that, is the content recently added feature. This comprises of the newly added movies on the platform. Being able to download and steam from the platform is also easy and registration is not required.

16. XMovies8

XMovies is another platform that allows you watch movies online without sign up or registering. The website is easy to work with and gets updated with latest movies.

On the homepage, you will find suggested movies. This can be sorted via Most Watched Today, Top Rating, and Most favorite. The default being recommended.

Beneath that, is the latest movies online session. This compresses of all movies, drama movies, action movies, thriller, Horror and Crime. There is also provisions for latest Free TV-Series.

Being able to stream movies online on XMovies8 works fluid. No need to download nor register or sign in.

17. Movies4Star

Another website to watch movies online without signing up, is Movies4star.

Movies4star has been confirmed by me as a platform to stream movies online for free in 2018. On the homepage, you will get an insight on the latest released movies. Beneath that, is Hollywood Movies, Hollywood TV show, Trending movies and Punjabi Movies.

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Streaming movies and shows on Movies4star is easy. On the movie or TV show page, tap on the play button on the thumbnail. Same way it works on MovieDiary App.

18. Filmywap

Filmywap is a platform that allows you download movies. If using opera Mini, these movies can be streamed rather than having to download them.

On the website homepage, is the updates. The update contains the latest updated movies on the platform. Bare in mind, latest update movies is different from latest movies. A 1990 movie recently updated, can appear in this category. Wondering how to get started? Perhaps you should check out the best 2018 filmywap movies to download.

19. MovieNoLimit

Movie No Limit is another website to check out. On the homepage, you will get an insight to upcoming movies. It’s tagged Coming Soon.

Beneath that, is the popular movies. This features the movies that are trending or currently popular on the website. The new movies features the new films added on the movie no limit website.

Not only can you download films on the website, you can also download TV series. On the homepage, you’d find new TV series. This means, new TV series added on the platform. You can also search movies via Genre and year.

20. WatchMoviesFree

Last and not the least in sites that allow you watch movies online for free in 2018 without signing up or registering, is watchmoviesfree. Just as the name implies, it’s a website that’s basically centered around movies and allows you watch movies for free.

On the homepage, you will find the recent updated movies and TV series. Thereafter, is the fresh movies.

Being able to stream movies on the website is easy. On the movie page, scroll down and tap on the play icon on the video thumbnail. There is also an option to choose servers if one is slow is doesn’t seem to be working. Registration isn’t required.

21. ToxicWap

Realized I haven’t mentioned toxicwap hence, felt the need to update the post to include the website.

Toxicwap has been around for quite some time now and has indeed, proven to be a good resource for movie downloads. Other than movies, being able to download tv shows and music files is also doable on the website. Being able to download movies and shows on the website is also quite easy and straight to the point. This is one I’d recommend.

Wrapping Up

Above is a really comprehensive list, right? I took the time out to personally go through all the sites I could come across and make sure they truly work. Not just work, they truly allow you Stream movies online without sign up or registering. I didn’t just copy ideas from another site and pasted it here. I really took the time.

Hence, I called it the verified list or best websites to watch movies online without sign up or registering in 2018. This took a lot of time, work and effort and I hope it solves your quest.

While movie streaming sites are a thing and does work in aiding users to watch movies online, I have found the use of apps to be less time-consuming and easy to work with. Hence, you should check out the best apps to stream movies online without having to register or login.

You can show appreciation by using the share buttons below. If you know any site that should be added to this list, please use the comment session below. If truly they allow users download or watch movies online without creating an account, then I will consider adding it.


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