CoolMoviez is a platform for downloading free CoolMovies for your smart phone. These movies are not only presentable on your smart phone, but also big screen TVs. Hence, If you are on the look out for movies and TV shows related contents, this is the post for you.

Not only films can be downloaded from the website, TV shows can also be downloaded from the platform.

However, just like almost every website on the internet, glitches are meant to happen. Issues are meant to be perceived. Especially for sites like coolmoviez. The server could be unavailable, movies not present, download links not working, etc.

CoolMoviez - Sites to download coolmovies

In cases like that, it becomes important for alternatives. Not just alternatives, but sites that tend to also provide free Cool movie downloads. More importantly, with ease.

On this blog, we’ve discussed quite a number of movie download sites. However, to be sure we are servicing your search intent on the subject, we are choosing to be broad and at the same time, specific.

If you are searching for the best sites like CoolMoviez or sites to download television shows and movies related to, here you go!

CoolMoviez – Best Sites Like CoolMovies

The coolmoviez website tend to change domain extensions from time to time. It used to be However, conducting a Google search, you will find a different URL.

The sites that will be mentioned here as alternatives to, are verified sites. By that, I mean, they are sites I tend to use for movie downloads from time to time. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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FzMovies Free Movie Download Site

If you know me, then you know I can’t talk about sites to download movies for free without mentioning FzMovies.

Fzmovies - download bollywood and hollywood movies

I have known this site for years now and to be honest, it’s my first resort point to download a particular movie. Especially if I want to download the movie in small size.

Using an android movie download app like Showbox for movie downloads, HD movies are usually around 600 to 1GB in size. In this part of the world, that’s a lot. Especially if using your own data. But, you get quality display. No doubt!

Movies on FzMovies on the other hand, are compressed. The HD claimed movies are usually compressed to 480p or 360p. This way, the movie size is reduced to between 200MB and 300MB. For my mobile display and even on a relatively big screen, that works for me. If using an iPhone, here is how to download latest movies to your iPhone.

FouMovies – Strictly Movies

FouMovies is another free movie download site I just discovered. The site is strictly for movies. Same as the site listed above.

Foumovies movie downloads

Hence, if you aim to download strictly Hollywood and Bollywood (Hindi) movies, FouMovies is another good resource for you.

The homepage clearly displays the newest added movies and random movies. That way, there is always something for you to download.

HD movie size on FouMovies are quite large. This is because unlike Fz Movies, the quality isn’t compressed. This is perfect for not only high quality display phones, but also large screen televisions.

HDMP4Mania – Movies, TV Shows, WWE wrestling

Another interesting website to look out for. HDMP4MANIA offers more compared to the sites mentioned above.

HDMP4Mania movie downloads, TV shows and WWE Wresting shows

Not only do you get to download cool movies from, you can also download television shows and, WWE wrestling shows. Yes, you read that right.

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Personally, the provision for WWE wrestling show downloads is what makes the website stand out.

Hence, if you love to catch up on WWE wrestling shows while on the look out to download your favorite movies, HDMP4Mania is a good place to resort to.


ToxicWap is another known platform for free movie downloads. The website has been available for a while now and has earned some level of resource intensiveness.

Latest movies can be downloaded from the website. As a matter of fact, not only movies can be downloaded from the website, there are more.

Other than movies, Music and TV series can be downloaded on the website. There is also provision for android games, apps, videos, wallpapers and ebooks. Kind-of reminds me of wapsites like waptrick, music video download site like tubidy and Vuclip video download site.

Being able to use the site is also easy. Hence, that should be on your radar.


Another popular movie streaming website. If you rather prefer streaming your movies as against having to download them, CouchTuner is definitely a good place to get started.

couchtuner website to stream tv shows online

CouchTuner is really popular. Perhaps the most popular on this list so far. However, I do not often tend to use the website. Reason being that, I like to have movies saved to my phone for offline plays. That way, I can always revert back to them when the need arises.

If you feel different, definitely check out couchtuner website.


FMovies is very similar to couchtuner. As a matter of fact, their user interface is also the same. However, it doesn’t mean they are the same. They are different entities.

fmovies download films

Just like couchtuner, FMovies is a platform that allows you stream movies and your favorite TV shows for free.

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I haven’t been able to discover how to download from the site neither have I actually tried finding out. Reason being that, I have quite comfortable with the first mentioned website.

The Watch Series

CoolMoviez website not only provide free movie downloads, but television shows. For that reason, your query on sites like coolmovies could be geared towards streaming television shows.

thewatchseries as an alternative to coolmoviez

If that’s the case, the watch series can satisfy that search. Although some of the sites already mentioned above tend to provide free television show downloads and sort, I still cannot go without having to mention TheWatchSeries as a good resource for TV shows and as thus, a similar alternative to coolmoviez.

Ipagal – Hollywood and Hindi Movies

Do you prefer more of Bollywood movies to Hollywood movies? Or perhaps, you would rather prefer visiting a site that seem to have more content geared towards Hindi speaking contents? Then Ipagal is a good resource for you.

I only discovered the site recently and clearly, it was obvious the site seem geared towards Indians. Why? There was more hindi related contents compared to Hollywood.

Of course, you still do get Hollywood movies to download and sort but, for the most part, it’s Indian related movies and television shows.

So, there you have it guys. Those are best sites like coolmoviez. Hope this post answers your search query for coolmoviez?

If you care to know, we have a comprehensive list of verified sites to download movies online. If you are into comics, there is also a post on sites to download comics.

Any question related to coolmoviez? Do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.



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