Youtube is not only the biggest video streaming platform in the world, but it is also one of the top social media platforms as well.

Whether it is music, documentaries, movie clips, tutorial videos, or video essays, there is nothing that you cannot find on this platform.

Most people visit YouTube only when they want to search for a video with a specific piece of information. But Youtube is much more than that. In this article, I have mentioned a few things that will help you enjoy Youtube to the fullest.

1. The Youtube Culture

Youtube is not like any other streaming website. It is unique and has its own culture. People and organizations are utilizing Youtube in several different ways, depending on what they want to achieve through it.

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People create their own content as well, and that is how a million conversations happen every day on Youtube. One example of Youtube’s culture is reaction videos. You may have seen a few Youtubers posting a video of themselves watching a video.

The idea is to share the reaction and review of the video with the viewers. These videos usually include watching movie trailers, documentaries or conspiracy theories videos.

2. You Can Save Videos On/From Youtube

Ever surfing on Youtube and came across a video you liked, but you were not able to save it on your phone or download it. Well, you can save it on your phone easily using the Youtube save video feature.

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You would not even need the internet once you have saved the video already on your phone, as it will always be in your saved section. If you want it on your phone on computer storage, you can use an app that lets you convert youtube to mp4.

3. Infinite Learning Platform

As of 2020, there is so much information available on Youtube that you can learn almost anything on the platform. A lot of people who are experts in their specific field have their own Youtube channels, and they share their videos regularly so people can learn from it.

If you want to cook something new but do not have the recipe, you can just Google it on Youtube and you will be able to find more than one chef video. Similarly, you can also learn things about other fields including science, entertainment, fashion, etc. There are also a lot of “How To” videos on Youtube that can be useful for common people.

4. Top Earning Platform

Youtube is also one of the top online earning platforms as well. You can easily earn money on Youtube by uploading your videos if you have the ability to produce creative and engaging content.

A lot of talented artists have also shifted their focus towards Youtube because they get to showcase their talent and get to earn from it as well. But you can only earn ads on your videos if your content is original. If you use content that belongs to someone else, then you would not get approved for ads.


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