You would agree with me that applications are being programmed and surveyed everyday. App developers often come up with new innovations for android mobile phones, blackberry and other smart phones and probably someday, i too will create an app that you would like :-).

Android is no doubt an amazing OS that also comes with quite a number of useful utility applications for it’s users. Most OEMs often customize the experience a little more by including more apps they consider useful.

Some of these apps are sometimes, not useful to the users. Generally, most not useful apps added to mobile phones by manufacturers are often described as bloatware.

However, most of the time, these apps fit in the need of it’s users provided he/she knows what suits their choice.

Basically on this post, i will be introducing you to the best 5 android Utility Apps i do recommend for android phone users. Especially if you aim to improve your IQ. And talking about utility apps, i mean applications you could use for your daily activities for learning or finding information via your android smartphone.

best 5 utility apps for android phones

An example of a utility app, would be calculator. You’d agree that we often use calculators on our phone. Calculator has been on literally every smartphone even those utilizing monochrome displays.

Having cleared that out, let’s talk on the main subject matter.

Best 5 Utility Applications For Android Phones

1. ColorDict Universal Dictionary

As the name implies, you should be able to tell that this android app is a dictionary application. I am very sure you know what dictionary are used for right? I mean, the use of dictionaries cannot be overemphasized.

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Learning new words each day and getting to find their meanings could be fun. A pocket dictionary can be useful where ever you go and that’s where the ColorDict Universal Dictionary application comes to play. Being a mobile friendly dictionary, this should fit in.

In addition, the ColorDict Universal Dictionary App is obviously more than just a dictionary. It’s a thesaurus, bible dictionary and foreign-language dictionary all rolled into one. It also supports Quick Search Box and Color Note App to make your referencing easier.

Isn’t that Awesome?

Download here!

2. World FactBook App

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just find out a report or read the latest news about  a particular subject? The best you could do is to research on it and all you need do, is to pick up your smartphone, access your app and Voila! you got the information you want?

I know a lot of people will argue being able to use google for this. However, you know sometimes, using an app can act a little more quicker, right?

As you know, a student should be well enlightened with the most important information around the globe and World Factbook application is a great to get you going.

The app is actually a mobile version of popular CIA World Factbook. This application more so, provides facts, information on history of people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and trans-national issues for about 250 world countries.  So read it whenever you are free. You should consider getting this app as it would help boost your IQ.

Download Here!

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3.  RealCalc Scientific Calculator

I know i mentioned calculator earlier. Consider this as an advanced version.

Calculating Mathematics with my heads is not all that easy for me i must confess. Especially if it has to do with having to calculate long mathematical data and that’s where having a calculator is vital.

More so, a fully functional scientific calculator in a student or a business minded pocket is very important. However, if you are carrying an Android, you can just install RealCalc Scientic Calculator and you are good to go.

The RealCalc Android app, is a fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing. It provide Result history, Unit conversions, Percentages, 10 memories, Hex/binary/octal, Trig functions in degrees; radians or grads, Scientific, engineering and fixed-point display modes, Digit grouping, RPN mode and a full built-in help.

Download HERE!

4. Calculus Tools

OK, calculus is also an amazing android app but i can understand that this app does not fit to people in all levels. Yes, but this is also very vital for people who want to improve in terms of calculations.

Calculus, I would describe as the mother of calculation and i would add that you may want to get involved with it no matter what field you are working on or into.

The Calculus Tool application helps you with calculus and finds derivatives, computes definite integrals, arc lengths, finds Taylor series, plots graphs of functions, including polar and parametric and slope fields. It also includes integral tables and custom keyboard.

What more? Just try the application on your android mobile smartphone and I am sure you going to be cool with it if it fits to your needs :).

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5. Memory Trainer

I guess the name of this application solely explains itself or, don’t you think so?

Well, you would agree with me that Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. No matter how many books you read and study, if you don’t have a sharp memory, it’s as good as just staring at pictures and not getting what it explains.

Memory Trainer is an app to exercise your nerve muscles and train them to remember intense amount of data. It works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills.

Download HERE!


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  2. I have the brain training app but I hadn’t heard of the other ones. I am interested in the fact book. All the apps out there can be so so overwhelming. Thanks for the help and info. I enjoy reading your posts. Always helpful.


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