MovieBox and MovieHD are two apps I will recommend downloading if you are into Movies and TV shows.

I understand we have Netflix and perhaps, you probably pay Netflix’s monthly subscription squarely. But really, Netflix isn’t always reliable in keeping you up to date on your favorite shows and movies. Sorry, Netflix.

Most often at times, when a movie is newly released and still being shown in cinemas, you most likely wouldn’t find them on Netflix. Same applies to TV shows. Plus, why do I necessarily need to pay Netflix when I can get likely similar service for free on other platforms.

MovieBox is an awesome app for movie lovers. Not just movie lovers, Also those who are into TV shows.

Think of your favorite movies and TV shows. Likes of Games of Thrones, Empire, Flash and the rest. You’d get update on those shows on the app.

Since the app and it’s service is free, glitches are expected to happen from time to time. And that’s where MovieHD comes to play. Whenever the former seem to be messing up, you can simply switch over to the latter.

download movieBox and MovieHD on iPhone and iPad

On both platforms, you can not only stream movies in 360p, 480p (SD), 720p (HD) and 1080p (FHD), you can also download the movies. That way, you can watch them offline. However, you may want to ensure you have an unlimited data plan. Download or streaming size on these platforms can be high if gunning for HD or FHD quality.

If you are primarily interested in downloads, FZMovies pretty much have you covered. However, due to iOS restrictions, you may consider using Xender, Tdownloader or others.

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The MovieBox and MovieHD apps are both not available on the App Store. So, how exactly can you download and install both apps on iPhone or iPad? That’s where this post comes to play.

How To Download MovieBox and MovieHD on iPhone or iPad

Personally, I used an online resource center for iOS apps. Simply visit using the safari browser.

  • Tap on any of the app you’d like to download, and tap on the Get option
  • Wait a few seconds and an install prompt will be displayed. Tap on Install and after a few minutes (depending on your network speed), the app should be installed.

P.S: While my iPhone runs iOS 11, my iPad still runs iOS 10.3.2 and both apps successfully downloaded on both phones.

How To Install MovieBox and MovieHD on iPhone and iPad

Noticed you tried launching the app but kept getting an error? That’s as a result of iOS restrictions. You’d have to trust the app before it can be used.

This is because the app was downloaded from an external source.

To finally install and use both apps on the iPhone or iPad, simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Scroll down and tap on Profiles & Device Management
  • Under Enterprise App, tap on Changsha ITOGIS Technology
  • Tap on the trust option.

Go back to both apps and launch. Both apps should launch this time. You can thereafter, go ahead and enjoy both platforms.

Need further help with being able to download, install and use MovieBox and MovieHD on your iPhone or iPad? Drop a comment.



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