Although it took just about a week, the infinix smart review is finally here! Infinix smart (X5010) is the brand’s first device in it’s new line of Smart series. Sadly, the specs sheet on paper, poses a much older device. After using the smartphone for over a week now, do I consider it to be worth buying in 2017? Read on to find out.

To be fair, the infinix smart will be judged based on it’s price. Typically, for a NGN 29500 smartphone, you shouldn’t expect much.

The specs can be likened to the brand’s second device in it’s line of HOT Series – The infinix Hot 2. The 2015 smartphone featured 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8 MP rear camera accompanied by 2 megapixels front camera. 1.3GHz quad core processor, and 2200 mAh battery.

Pairing them up, what’s new would be the design, the Display size, the battery, and the additional speaker.

Infinix Smart Review

First of, i made a video review of the device. You can watch it below. Almost everything I’d be covering here, is covered in the video. I would advise you take out a few minutes of your time to watch the video, to learn more.

To narrow this review down, I’d like to talk on the things I like, and the other things i kinda have issues with regarding the phone.

Infinix Smart Design

Starting off, would be the design. Frankly, the first time I got a hold of the device, I mistook it for a metal finishing, when in actual sense, it’s plastic.

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Infinix Smart review design


For the price, infinix did a good job with the design of the device. Literally everyone I’ve showed the device to, actually thinks same.

The top houses the 3.5mm Jack while the bottom houses the charging port and the Microphone.

Infinix Smart (X5010) charging port and microphone

On the right side, you get to find the volume rockers and the power button. The left side houses no component.


In terms of the display, the device features a 5.0inch display with 1080 x 720p resolution. That’s actually an HD display. For the screen size and the price, I had no problem whatsoever with the display. The Display delivered well during the course of usage.

The Infinix Smart Speaker Quality

In terms of sound Quality, the infinix smart for the first time, features dual speakers which actually works. Additionally, there is a feature called 3D surrounding. Before now, we’ve seen devices with dual speaker grills. One of those speaker grill serves as microphone while the other, is actually the speaker. However, in the case of the infinix smart phone, both speakers actually works.

This, I believe, is the main highlight of the phone. I tried the speakers out and you can find the result in the video. BTW, say hello to my twin who decided to feature in the speaker test.

Infinix smart speaker test

Trust me, the device features the loudest speakers I’ve experienced in a smartphone in a long while.


In terms of battery, the infinix smart features a 3060 mAh battery which I find to be really cool for the specs.

Infinix Smart battery

I mean, the specs are obviously low-range. However, the battery could be considered to be in the mid-range class.

This properly serves me well over 24 hours under normal usage. Under below normal usage, it could last as much as 48 hours.

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Charging is also fast. A little bit though. Although no official fast charging on board, the device tends to charge better than normal.


On the software side, it feels warming to Note that the Infinix Smart runs Android 7.0 Nougat under the hood. Of course, this is customized with XOS.

Personally, i find Android 7.0 Nougat running on a 1GB RAM phone to be appealing.


For a 1GB RAM in 2017, you shouldn’t expect a ravishing experience. Not even close. However, the infinix smart delivered pretty well as a 1GB RAM ought to.

However, there were slight issues i encountered in regards to performance. First, was Google Chrome browser automatically closing itself when I tried accessing a particular Google Adsense page. I am not sure why, but each time i try accessing that particular page, the browser automatically closes itself.

Another, would be in the case of a basic app as Facebook. I experienced slight lags when toggling between videos on the app over a long period of consistent usage. This happened ones in a while though. Other than those, performance was okay for a 1GB RAM phone in 2017.

Now to the things I do not really like in regards the Infinix Smart Phone

Infinix Smart Camera Review

The infinix smart features 8 megapixels back camera and 2 Megapixels front camera. This is below pal in 2017.

Although the back camera present some shots that can be considered as cool, the front camera didn’t really do well. At least, it didn’t impress me.

I took this picture under very low light condition:

Infinix smart night camera test

And this under a well littered environment:

Infinix smart daytime camera test

Infinix Smart Earphones

Did you watch the unboxing video? Did you see the earphone? If you are gonna get the phone, you’d most likely need to get another earphone.

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This is because, the earphone that comes with the device performs below average. Indoors, you’d most likely hear whatever you are listening to, properly. However, the moment you step out into the crowd, just take the earphones off. It won’t do much at that point.

Infinix Smart Price

Another thing, would be the the price. The infinix Hot 2 released in 2015 under the Android One project launched with a Price tag of NGN 17,500 (for the 1GB RAM variant). That’s a NGN 12000 difference.

Should we say, we have to pay NGN12,000 for just a second speaker and a bigger battery? Oh well, perhaps we should blame the recession in the country and the fact that the infinix Hot 2 was released in collaboration with Google.

However, setting the price tag out, the device performs well for a 1GB RAM phone. The experience with the device within the past few days turned out to be cool.

Is The Infinix Smart Android Phone Worth Buying in 2017?

Now to the question of whether or not, the infinix smart is worth buying in 2017. If you are on a budget, or perhaps, you need to get a starter phone (remember the keyword, starter), YES! It is worth buying in 2017.

So, that’s it guys. That’s all I can cover for the infinix smart device and I hope you like it. If you have any questions regarding the infinix smart x5010 android smartphone, be sure to leave it in the comment session and i will reply as soon as i can.


  1. Well I find the battry so annoying, very quick to drain but slowest at charging. Getting 10% in an hour of charging tried changing a charger but same rate and also It’s not stable with two networks yet it supports 2 SIM cards. Though the outerpart is beautiful with nice color.

  2. hello, as you have said earlier in the review is it that the chrome
    and facebook app are not working well in the smartphone?

    • Hi Helen. Chrome and Facebook both works well on the device. However, as stated in the review, there were times I experienced lagging when watching and toggling between videos on the facebook app.

      In regards chrome, the app tend to restart upon visiting a particular page. This however, could be as a result of the script being used on the page.


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