The Infinix Note 4 x572 released sometime last month, is still trending in our minds. I like to think so.

I got the device a little bit late. A whole month to be exact. However, that shouldn’t stop me from conducting tests I feel you’d be interested in, yeah? If you’ve haven’t noticed, I did a quick unboxing of the infinix note 4 x572 and i also shared my first impressions of the smartphone. You can check that out here.

Well, i did something very similar to what I did in the case of the Infinix HOT 4 – a fingerprint test. BTW, that test on YouTube currently has over 30,000 views. So yes, it’s okay to say quite a lot of people are still interested in such tests.

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This time, I decided to conduct a fingerprint unlocking test between the 2017 released infinix Note 4, and the 3 year old Apple iPhone 6.

Infinix Note 4 VS iPhone 6 fingerprint unlocking test

Just before I present the video comparison between both smartphones in regards to fingerprint unlocking, there’s something I’d like to clear.

There’s a misconception about these kinda tests. We/I am not in anyway trying to say one device is better than the other. No, not at all.

These kinda tests are only limited to a/some particular feature(s) on a smartphone. The fact that a particular smartphone unlocks faster than the other using fingerprint reader, doesn’t automatically means it’s better.

Point is, we have our different need/use for a smartphone. We have different reasons as to why we’d prefer to buy phone A over phone B. These kinda tests often come in handy in such regards.

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You are in need of a phone that unlocks faster using fingerprint, these kinda tests apply. You are in need of a phone with a better camera. These kinda comparisons apply.

So please, the fact that a particular phone out-performs the other in a fingerprint unlocking test, doesn’t automatically makes it better. Same way, the fact that a particular smartphone performs less than the other in regards camera, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t perform well in other sections of usage.

Having cleared that out of the way, can we return back to our fingerprint unlocking test? Thank you!

Infinix Note 4 VS Apple iPhone 6 Fingerprint Unlocking Test

Since this comparison can better be expressed using a video, I made one for you.

You can watch the fingerprint unlocking test between the infinix note 4 and the iPhone 6 below. Don’t be shy, hit the play button :).

What do you think?

Which device do you think performs better in regards to fingerprint unlocking? We’d like to hear it in the comment session down below.

Thank you for watching (if you did). Subsequently, I will be publishing camera comparisons between smartphones. For now, it’d have to be the Infinix Note 4 x574 against all odds. At least, pending when another device worth reviewing, comes on-board.

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Again, thank you.



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