On this post, I will be introducing you to the best websites to watch live football matches online for free. Football is a game loved by many, a game that has brought many nations tribes and people from different spheres of life together. This game has been in existence for decades and has grown beyond bounds and widths to get to where it is today.

Not all football lovers are opportune to sit in front of their television screen to watch their favorite matches due to their “busy schedules”. With credits to the rapid growth in technology, the internet has been able to proffer a lasting solution to this problem- this means that football lovers can now watch their favorite matches online wherever they are.

The question now is, where do I, as a football lover, get top-notch experience when I stream or watch live matches. The sites with little or no ads, up to date matches and a user-friendly interface.

Best Sites To Watch Live Football Matches Online For Free

In no particular order, below are the best sites based on our reviews that we feel will satisfy the cravings of football lovers worldwide.

1. Fromhot

fromhot live stream sports online

Are you looking for a user-friendly site that has no country restriction and is totally free? Fromhot is the website for you. With up-to-date matches from all leagues across the globe at your fingertip, this site is set to give you a run for your money. It covers all sports just in case you want to know what’s happening in other sport aside soccer. This site is ad free.

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2. Yahoo Sports

watch live football matches on Yahoo sports

Yahoo Sports is more than a football streaming site, it is a sport community for sport lovers. The site is reeking of hot steaming matches and offers a detailed information of the matches just in case you missed the match. Streaming matches on this site is free but you can only view some selected matches.

Visit Yahoo Sports!

3. Espn

ESPN website to watch football online

Our top sites for streaming live football matches will not be complete if we don’t mention ESPN.com. This site has proven to be a benchmark for live streaming matches. The site covers every sphere on sports. It is not absolutely free as there are restrictions to some certain contents on the website. However, the site is easy to navigate through.

Visit ESPN.com

4. Skysports

Skysports website to stream live football watches for free

Skysports is an embodiment of soccer pleasure. The website gives you an unbeatable experience of live football streaming and up-to-date detailed information of the match before and after. Skysports is an ad free site and streaming on the site is free, except for the fact that you have to buy data bundle of course.

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5. Livetv

livetv soccer streaming website


Live streaming has never been made so easy as it has been on livetv. Livetv offers a variety of live sport matches to watch all on your device. The site is packed with soccer matches from all continents. The site is ad free and streaming of matches is free.

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6. Livesoccertv


Livesoccertv gives you the best of streaming experience as you can also stream live matches via their mobile application. The site is ad free and up-to-date on matches and news from leagues across the globe. Streaming has been made easy with livesoccertv.

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7. Livefootballol


Livefootballol is a streaming site that offers you a variety of other streaming websites to choose from so you don’t get stranded during the match if one site doesn’t go through. The site is ad free and streaming is free.

8. Sportstream

sportstream live football match

Sportstream is a site that accommodates all soccer league and matches around the world. Its streaming method is unique has it has different servers to choose from to enable smooth live streaming. It is ad free and streaming is free on the site.

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9. Livesport24


If you think livestreaming cannot be done with ease, then you have not had an encounter with livesport24. The site offers a variety of league matches as well as competitions across the globe. The site is ad free and streaming is free.

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Soccer fans ought not to look to far searching for where to get the best of online soccer streaming, the sites above are set to give you the best of online streaming experience any soccer fan will crave for.


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