Are you searching for the best Online shopping sites or stores In Nigeria? In this post, you’d find out the best 6 I can recommend.

Considering the current situation in the country and more so, putting into consideration, the current competition in the business sector in Nigeria and use of mobile phones and devices, different online stores gives different and current prices for their mobile phones and tablet devices which sure varies from other stores in the country thereby giving room for buyers to make choices on which store to go for.

Finding out the cheapest online shopping site in Nigeria can be a bit of a hustle.

Different stores selling mobile phones, laptops, tablet devices and more, do have an online store with which interested buyers and researchers could go at anytime to check the current prices of a particular product or device before making steps of going to the main office to purchase them.

Thankfully, in today’s world, you do not necessarily need to leave your place to go buy those products. You can simply have them delivered to you. At the comfort of your home or office, I should add.

In Nigeria, there are loads of online stores that provides the current prices of their products displayed on their websites.

Online shopping sites In Nigeria

Some offer payment on delivery. I.e the buyer pays when the product is delivered to his/her doorstep. That way, he/she do not need to be scared about making initial commitments.

You pay for what you get, precisely when satisfied.

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Online Shopping Stores In Nigeria To Get Latest Prices Of Phones In Nigeria

Listed below, are the best online stores in Nigeria through which you can check out prices of mobile phones and tablets in Nigeria.

On these shopping stores, you can also buy products. Just make the order and choose to have them delivered to you.

1. SLOTS Nigeria

Slots Nigeria limited is regarded as one of the top leading online stores in Nigeria. On the platform, you can get the latest prices of their products via their online store.

Their address and contacts details is also listed in their store thereby giving room for customers to contact them directly if they experience any issues or wanting to get more information.

Slots Nigeria Limited are basically into sales of mobile phones, tablets devices, computers.

With regards to Slot Nigeria, not only can you buy products online, you can also do so offline. Slot has got its office in major cities around the country. Feel free to walk into any of their outlets and make inquiries or make a purchase.

2. Affordable Nigeria

Just as the name implies, Affordable Nigeria offers prices of products at a relatively affordable costs.

I recently made research on the price of a particular product on a couple of online stores in Nigeria and affordable still offers the cheapest price.

Just like slots, not only can you get the latest and current prices of products at the online shopping store, you can as well visit their physical outlet and make a purchase.

The last time I checked, they have their physical store situated at Ikeja, Lagos. Whether or not they’ve got products in other locations is something I cannot ascertain at the moment.

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3. as an online shopping mall needs no formal introduction. The platform is arguably the most known in this part of the world.

For cave men who care to know, Jumia is also an online store in Nigeria that sells communication products and more.

On the platform, you don’t get to see only communication gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and tablets, they also sell variety of products like Christmas Gifts, Games, Beauty Products, Watches, Toys, just name it.

Although no physical store (none that I know of), the online store works flawlessly. If you are skeptical as to whether or not to commit to payment, you can choose to pay on delivery. That way, you only make payment after you have received your product.


Konga is the major competitor to Jumia. Both offers pretty much the same services and products. However, price sometimes varies on both platform.

I can’t exactly place my mind on which is cheaper however, you are welcome to check both platform and check what they both offer and what price the product you intend buying, is being offered for. Thereafter, you are make your purchase on which platform suits you more.

Of course, there is also an option to make payment on delivery with Konga. Hence, it’s also safe to work with.


SmartBuy Nigeria also deals with sales of communication devices like tablets, mobile devices, computers and more. There’s not much i can say about this online shopping mall as I personally haven’t used it. Hence, authenticity hasn’t been verified from my end.

However, they do have some good number of positive reviews on the internet. More reason why it is stated here as one of the online shopping sites in Nigeria to consider checking.

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5. OLX Nigeria

Have you ever thought of selling a used product online? If yes, then there is a huge chance you’d know about OLX Nigeria.

OLX Nigeria online others, do not sell products personally owned by the company. Unlike other online shopping platforms, this is more like an online market.

Why is it on this list? Because on the platform, you can get products from people for even cheaper prices compared to other stores I have mentioned above.

You can choose to shop for brand new products or used products on this platform. On other platforms already mentioned above, products are basically brand new.


JiJi in Nigeria is relatively new compared to the rest above. However, they came with a bang. Within a short pace of time, the brand was already competing with OLX Nigeria.

Pretty much the same applies to JiJi. The platform is a marketplace just like OLX. Therein, you can choose to buy used or brand new products.

On OLX and JiJi, I’d strongly advise making payment on delivery. Never send money to anyone on those platforms for whatever reason. Not even transport. Always, I mean, always choose to make payment on delivery.

For more tips on how to trade carefully online, you should check out this post. I highly recommend you do so.

Which Online store have you been to for the latest genuine prices of products lately? Let’s hear from you using the comment form.


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