So you just bought a new android phone and you are wondering what are the best apps to install? You are welcome to reading this article which talks on the best 8 apps to install after buying an android phone.

First and foremost, let me congratulate you on your newly acquired android phone. I’d believe there must be a reason or reason(s) as to why you choose an android phone instead of iOS or blackberry. Android OS is well-known for its robust available applications.

There are millions of applications available on the Android market which is well-known as Google Play store but common, it isn’t nice to just install applications that won’t be useful to you.

Nowadays, most android phones come pre-installed with nice applications but let’s not dwell on that. We are assuming your newly acquired android phone doesn’t come with any third-party app other than the basics.

best android apps to install after buying new android phone

Talking about basic apps, I am referring to the contacts, music player, video player, calculator and the likes. This post is more or less, a way to getting you started with your Android device. For those living in Nigeria and it’s environs, don’t forget you can actually get some android phones for as low as N15000 or less.

Best 7 Android Apps For New Android Phone

Ordinarily, Essential android apps for your newly acquired android phone are over 8 but we do not want to crowd your phone this early and that’s why we are starting off with just 8 apps we think are essential and are necessary in everyday use of your android device.

Please Note: These suggested apps are based on what we think are apps to getting you started and probably necessary for everyday use. Suggested apps however, are subjected to change based on user specifications.

1. Browser App

What’s an android phone without a browser application? Yes, you can download apps from the app store but, what if you need to make a quick search or perhaps, you want to check a website like this one? You will need a browser for that.

Of course, most devices released these days tend to have a browser app pre-installed but, do they have the latest features needed in a browser app? Are they fast? Can they download faster from videos or movie sharing sites?

There are quite a handful of browser apps on the App store but, it will be so not nice to your phone to begin downloading all of them. You’d be interested in downloading just the best, right? Thankfully, our guide on the best android web browser apps could be a good place to find out.

2. WhatsApp

First on our list is the WhatsApp application. WhatsApp app still stands out to be one of the best messaging app just like BBM. I believe by now, you know what the mobile messaging application is all about. If you don’t, we have an article which clearly introduces you to the mobile app and answers all your initial questions regarding the app.

The reason why we choose WhatsApp is because it facilities easy communication. WhatsApp isn’t just available on Android, it’s available on other platforms like Java, Symbian, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and even Blackberry. Which means better chances of keeping up with your contacts instead of normal text message service.

The app is often updated with new features and could be a really good way to keep up with your friends and family. The new status feature on the app is great in finding out or keeping up with what your contacts are up to.

To download whatsapp from Google Play store,  please click here.

3. Flash share / Xender

Third on our list is flash share or Xender. Flash share just like xender, is an application which let’s you send and receive files, games and apps from other android users at a fast lightening speed. Not only can you transit files via android to android, you can with other mobile operating systems like iPhone, windows and blackberry.

You may want to object the use of this app thereby giving credit to the default Bluetooth functionality on a phone but common, would you rather wait for about 10 to 20 minutes just to send or receive an 100MB file or you’d choose to send and receive such file in just seconds? With flash share or xender, you can send and receive a 1GB file in less than 5 minutes.

Flash share seem not to be available on Google PlayStore. However, although Xender is available on the app store, Flash share isn’t. You can choose to download from other source. To download from other source, please click Here.

4. English Dictionary

If you are the type who likes to look out for the meaning of words, the English dictionary app is essential. You do not have to buy an Oxford dictionary neither do you have to carry a pocket dictionary around. With the English dictionary app installed, your phone can be your dictionary.

To download the English Dictionary app from Google Play Store, Please Click Here.

5. Antutu Benchmark

The Antutu Benchmark is supposed to be on our number 1 spot, however, we’d believe that the above apps should be able to work on virtually all android phones. For me, I usually install antutu benchmark before any other app since my past experience with the cloned Samsung Galaxy S4.

Antutu benchmark gives you a more detailed information about your Android phone. It gives you information regarding the total RAM the phone runs on, the internal storage capacity, display and more. It’s essential you use such app so you don’t get deceived like I was months back.

To download antutu benchmark from Google Play Store, Please Click Here.

6. Facebook Messenger

You may ask, why didn’t I mention the Facebook app before the messenger app. The reason is, I prefer logging into my Facebook account via a browser rather than the app. I love the messenger because it isn’t just efficient for chat messages alone, but also for free calls. With the Facebook messenger app, you can call some of your Facebook friends for free as long as they’ve also installed Facebook messenger app on their phones.

Over the years, the messenger app has seen a number of updates and new features being introduced. There is the messenger day and more interestingly, the ability to play some games via the app.

To download the Facebook Messenger app from Google Play Store, Please Click Here.

7. Email App

I am not going to be determinant on which email client to download and install because we’d believe not everyone uses a Gmail account, a yahoo mail account or a Hotmail etc. Regardless of what email service you use, we’d think it’s essential you use their app in other to get notified of new emails as they come in.

If you are the business type who does more of emailing, you possibly can’t say NO to your email service app. If however, you use a Gmail account and it is already linked on your phone, having to download the email app may not be necessary.

To download, search Google Play Store for your email service.

8. Banking App

Thanks to technology, you do not need to go to the bank every time you want to send money to friends or loved ones. Neither do you have to do same when you want to pay bills and sorts. Neither do you have to visit an ATM machine to check how much balance is left in your account. You can simply do all of that from the comfort of your mobile phone and that’s why it’s called Mobile Banking.

Personally, all thanks to my access bank app and Entrust OTP app, I make transactions from my phone. I barely visit the banking hall unless I have other issues to settle other than sending money or paying bills that has to do with money transfer.

If you want to save yourself from banking stress, get your banking app. You can visit your bank for more information on that. Although you can download your preferred banking app from the app store, you’d have to visit the bank to register for mobile banking. This however, may not be prominent thanks to USSD codes being introduced by banks these days.

Please Let’s Hear From You

What other app do you think fits in to the first application users should install on their newly bought android phone?


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