The infinix HOT 5 and the infinix HOT 5 lite are the latest smart phones in the infinix line of HOT series.

I unboxed the infinix HOT 5 a couple of days back and since then, i have received a few questions regarding the difference between the Infinix HOT 4 x557 launched last year, and the infinix HOT 5 x559c launched this year being 2017.

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The specifications of both smartphones are quite same. I mean, almost the same. However, there’s some noticeable difference between both. That, you’d get to find out in a bit.

Infinix HOT 5 Review

As usual, i had to take the time out to make a video for those who would rather prefer watching a video to reading a post. The video often gives more intense details compared to just a post with pictures. If you’d rather prefer, you can watch the infinix HOT 5 full review video below:

Infinix HOT 5 Display

First, let’s talk about the display, both smartphone actually feature same 5.5inch display with HD resolution. Although not up to pal with today’s technology, you’d most definitely get decent viewing experience on both smartphones.

Infinix HOT 5 display

The display turns on to be pretty okay considering being 720p (HD) resolution. Watching movies on the device is also fun, thanks to the dual speakers which we’d get to, in a bit.

Infinix HOT 5 Performance Review

On the performance side, the infinix HOT 4 and the Infinix HOT 5 is powered by same Quad-Core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.3GHz with 2GB of RAM. This properly handles gaming and multitasking as long as it’s within a tiny number.

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Moving back and forth between PES2017 and a few other games worked seamlessly. However, a lag is expected if too many apps are left opened in the background. I also noticed the smartphone gets a bit hot under intensive usage but cools off fast when placed to rest.

I didn’t get to install and run Antutu benchmark or any of those benchmark tests because frankly, they don’t often determine how well a phone can perform. Reason being that, those tests can be altered.


The battery capacity hasn’t changed either. The infinix HOT 5 still packs the same 4000mAh battery as seen on the HOT 4 which should conveniently serve you for a full day or two depending on usage. A few also asked if the device has fast charging and the answer is, NO. However, you don’t get to experience slow charging either.

Infinix HOT 5 battery

Turning on and leaving the hotspot feature ON while serving internet to other devices in the house, the phone was able to keep up for over 20hours which frankly, isn’t bad.

Infinix HOT 5 Camera Review

On the camera side of things, both smartphone features 8 megapixels back camera and 5 megapixels front facing camera. As you probably know, megapixel count doesn’t always translate to better pictures. What does, is the sensor being used.

The infinix HOT 5 may feature 5 megapixels front facing camera, this however, produces really nice pictures. These are a few results from the images shot using the smartphone back and front facing camera. All under well littered environment to be exact.

Infinix HOT 5 camera test 1Infinix HOT 5 camera test 4 Infinix HOT 5 camera test 3 Infinix HOT 5 camera test 2

You’d most likely need to go through the video to get a better look at the pictures. Do note, the nicely blurred background ain’t part of what you get. That’s courtesy of post-production.

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There is also a front facing flash light which should aid you in getting better selfies even at night or under very low lightening conditions. The camera features other modes like normal, beauty, night professional and others. These should help achieve better pictures if you know your way around the settings.


On the software side, the infinix HOT 4 shipped with Android 6.0 marshmallow customized with XOS out of the box while the infinix HOT 5 ships with Android Nougat customized with XOS.

Infinix HOT 5 software

Thankfully, the HOT 4 operating system can be upgraded to Android nougat via OTA update. But here’s where the differences sets in.

The infinix HOT 5 will most definitely get the Android 8 Oreo software update when it becomes globally available. I mean, it’s stated on the box of the device. However, we cannot exactly say the same, for the infinix HOT 4.


Another difference between both smart phones would have to be the design. Both are actually plastic, yes!

Infinix HOT 4 and HOT 5 design

But, while infinix tagged the texture design on the infinix HOT 4 as 3D texture, none was inscribed to the HOT 5. In my opinion, the HOT 5 texture looks better, feels better and gives room for more grip.

There’s also a difference in the charging port placement and the microphone which isn’t really a big deal, but it’s worth mentioning.

It’s also worth mentioning that while the infinix HOT 4 utilizes soft touch menu buttons, the infinix HOT 5 utilizes on-screen menu buttons.

Why? Well, here’s the major difference between both smart phones. The dual speakers with dirac 3D surround. Now, since the HOT 5 has dual speakers positioned at the top and the button of the display, it’s only logical to have the menu buttons embedded in the display to eradicate too much bezels.

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With the dirac 3D surround feature and dual speakers on the infinix HOT 5, the HOT 5 most definitely produces much better sound quality compared to the HOT 4.

A audio comparison between both smartphones can be listened to in the full review video. You should check the video out. It’s just around 6 minutes watch-time and should be really worth your time.

So there you it guys. That’s basically the difference between the infinix HOT 4 and the Infinix HOT 5. Please note, both devices are not equipped with 4G LTE support. Hopefully soon, a pro version of the infinix HOT 5 will be made available.

So, there’s my full review of the infinix HOT 5. What do you think of the infinix HOT 5 x559c compared to the Infinix HOT 4 x557 smartphone?


  1. Adding two hours video (YouTube or offline) playback to the battery section of phone review will be appreciated. That gives idea how d battery deplete with time. This standardizes and more objective.

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