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You probably already know about the download platform and what the website is about. You also probably know that games, apps and music can be downloaded from the platform. Not just those, there are more.

If this is your first time knowing about waptrick, you are welcome. I have talked about the mobile download platform on this blog a couple of times already. However, I haven’t exactly written on a very detailed guide to downloading from waptrick.com.

On this particular post, I gave a sneak peek on how to download Wapdam MP3 music files. However, I didn’t talk about how to possibly download other files and sort.

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For this reason, this post is meant to give you a more detailed guide to waptrick and how to download files like games, music MP3 audio files, apps and sort from the website to your mobile device.

If you are only interested in accessing the official waptrick website so you can download files for your phone, here you go!

If however, you want to learn more about the website and how to download from the website, then keep reading. This post will guide you through all there is to know.

Waptrick : Types Of Content That Can Be downloaded On Waptrick.com

Just before we talk on how to extract files from the site, I think it’s necessary we understand what can be downloaded from the website.

What kinds of contents you can download from the website, devices supported and all of that. That way, you don’t spend most of your valuable time chasing shadows. Or, what do you think about that?

Let’s start from the basics. The following, are the kinds of content you can download on waptrick.one.

  • Games
  • Music mp3
  • Videos
  • Photos and pictures
  • Applications
  • Themes
  • Ebooks
  • Live wallpaper
  • Animations
  • Sound effects
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The mobile download platform also offers other services like online games, welody application, Sony lyrics, horoscope and others.

download android games, apps, wallpapers on Waptrick

Bare in mind though. The website content adapts with your phone. If for some reason, you do not find all those categories on the website, it’s because your phone does not support those contents.’

The website is pretty easy to work with. For the most part, it should be easy to get your way around download from waptrick website. However, for the sake of those who would rather prefer being taken by the hands, let’s discuss the vitals.

How To Download From Waptrick

I won’t be talking on how to download every single file from the website.

For the most part, I like to think you won’t be interested in knowing how to download pictures and photos on the website. Neither will you be interested in knowing how to download live wallpapers or animations from the platform.


Hence, for the most part, let’s just stick to multimedia files and apps. And by multimedia files and apps, I am making reference to videos, waptrick MP3 music, games and apps.



So, let’s get started.

Download Waptrick MP3 Music

To download waptrick MP3 music files on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Using your favorite Android web browser, visit the official waptrick website. Here is a direct link.
  • On the web page, scroll down and tap on waptrick music mp3
  • On the music mp3 page, select between new music, New (Global) music, most downloaded music and most downloaded (global) music. For the sake of this tutorial, I’d go with the last option.
  • Select the song you want to download. For this tutorial, we will use love the way you lie by Eminem ft Rihanna.
  • On the music page, select the song quality you’d prefer. You can choose between MP3 best quality, MP3 standard quality and MP3 short version. For the best, choose best quality.
  • On the next page, choose the third option which states slow standard download.
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The first two options requires you having download manager app installed on your phone. The third option however, doesn’t. Since I am assuming you do not have the app and do not want to download the app, select the third option.

The download at this point, should start.

That’s how to download MP3 Music files to your phone with ease from the mobile downloading site.

Bare in mind though, this is only valid on Android. If using an iPhone, you’d need the services of third-party apps.

Being able to download music MP3 audio files on waptrick for iPhone is doable and this post should give you an insight on how it’s done.

How To Download Videos On www.Waptrick.com

Away from MP3 audio files, let’s discuss how to download videos on waptrick.one.

  • Again, make sure you are on the official website.
  • Scroll down and select videos
  • Next, select what kind of videos you want to download. You can choose between waptrick videos, waptrick celebrity videos and XXX videos. XXX videos like you guessed, are 18 rated videos. For this tutorial, I am going with the first.
  • Under the videos session, select what kind of videos. Let’s go with the most downloaded.
  • Under most downloaded, select the particular video you want to download. Here, I am using Tom and Jerry.
  • On the video download page, select the video quality you want. You can choose between video MP4 super quality, video 3gp standard quality and 3gp low quality. Using an android or iPhone, select MP4 format.
  • On the next page, select the third option. This has slow standard download displayed.

At this point, the download should commence.

So, there you have it! That’s how to download videos on waptrick website. Again, this is for android phones. iPhone users would need to consult the use of third-party apps. This guide will teach you how to go about that.

Download Waptrick Games

If you are looking for games to download for your phone, waptrick is not the platform for you.

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Although the website has games displayed, they all link to dead ends. Precisely a domain name that is still under work.

Hence, your best bet would be downloading from your phone’s official store. Android users should visit the play store. iPhone users can visit app store.

If using Android, there are alternatives to Google play store where you can download games from. Sefan.Ru is also a relatively good resource for games.

Download Waptrick Apps

Being able to download waptrick apps for your phone, works. There are loads of apps you can download on the platform. Quite a lot that you’d get confused on which to choose.

To download apps on the download site, follow these steps:

  • On the waptrick website, scroll down and select applications
  • Under applications, select the type of application you want. For this tutorial, I am going with the most downloaded apps option.
  • Select the app you want to download
  • On the app download page, select download (app name) free.
  • On the next page, again, select the third option. The third option is the slow standard download option.

At this point, the apk app download should commence.

To install, make sure you tick allow installation from unknown sources under settings on your Android phone.

Would you be interested in knowing sites to download movies, this post reveals the best sites to download movies for your phone. The Interesting thing is, registration or having to sign up is totally not required. FzMovies is my personal favorite. Sites like 123movies, MycoolMovies are also sites to check out.

If using an iPhone, this guide on how to download from fzmovies should get you started.

There you have it. That’s how to download games, applications, music files and videos on waptrick. Hope this answers your query? If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask.


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