Heard of World4ufree.tv? It’s a movie download site. And more importantly, it’s easy to download Bollywood and Hollywood worldfree4u movies.

If you know about the site before now, great! If otherwise, you are welcome. I aim to please. Visit Website.

Just like most movie streaming sites on the internet, world 4 u free has also transitioned between domain names. The updated domain name will be communicated during the course of this post. Hence, be sure to read through.

world4ufree download bollywood and hollywood movies world4ufree.tv

I will also be letting you in on how to download movies on the website. Hence, be sure to also look out for that. That way, you do not keep clicking or tapping to pages that doesn’t seem to be ending or taking you where you want to go.

But just before that, let’s talk a bit on the World4ufree website. Shall we?

World4ufree.tv – Download Hollywood, Bollywood Movies

On the website, there are quite a lot of movies and shows you can download. These movies are also segmented. That way, you can easily get to where you’d like to be.

On the homepage, you will find the recent videos session. This typically houses the recently uploaded movies. For example, the movie ‘skyscraper‘ which is a new movie and still showing in the cinemas, can be downloaded on the site.

For the most part, the recent videos session contains Hindi movies. But, what’s more interesting, is the presence of WWE wrestling shows.

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Currently, there are only a few sites I know that tend to share WWE wrestling shows and this happens to be one of them.

On the navigation menu, there are various options displayed. These are; W4F index, Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed movies, mobile movies, TV shows, 720p HEVC Movies and 480p HEVC Movies.

How about we discuss one of these sessions? Perhaps the first? That way, you can get an insight on what to expect should you decide to go visiting. If you just want tutorial on how to download from the site, scroll down to that part.

W4F Index

Meaning, World4ufree.tv index. This houses the main index of the world4ufree website. There in, you will find the main session of the website.

By that, I mean the main contents you can find on the site. Others are still valid though.

Under the W4F index session, you will find Hollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hindi Dubbed and 300MB Dual Audio.

Let’s talk on what seem to sound weird; 300MB Dual Audio.

World4ufree 300MB dual audio session upon visiting the page, doesn’t seem to display any thing other than ads. Guess the session is still under construction.

You know what, let’s skip the rest and just head on to how to download from the world 4 u free TV website.

How To Download From World4uFree.TV

As earlier mentioned, the domain was recently changed. The world 4 u free website used to be World4uFree.To but that has been changed to .tv. Hence, you should put that in mind.

To Download Hollywood or Bollywood movies from World4uFree.tv, follow these steps.

  • Visit the website
  • Tap on the movie you want to download. Using skyscraper as an example.
  • Scroll down to towards the end of the page where you will find watch online and single download links.world4ufree movie downloads
  • Beneath the watch online option, are some links. These links are meant to allow you stream the movie. Hence, if you aim to only stream the movie online for free, use any of those links.
  • To download, use any of the links beneath the single download links option.
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While this is a good website to download not just movies, but TV shows and wrestling in different video quality, I find it to be a bit complex.

The stream and download links are hosted on third-party sites. That means, having to deal with other ads or difficulty those third-party download sites bring to the table.

For this reason, I think it’s worth mentioning a few alternatives. That way, your movie download journey can be easier.

Best Alternatives To World4ufree

Rather than using world4ufree or maybe for some reason, the website is unavailable or the download links are not working, these are the best alternatives I can recommend at this time.

1. FouMovies

FouMovies have been around for a while now and indeed, they have quite a handful of movies to download on their platform.

The website is also easy to work with. Although you get to face ads which is normal with sites on the internet, the files on hosted on their servers. That way, you are dealing directly with FouMovies and not third-party download sites.

2. FzMovies

Again, a favorite of mine. FzMovies is my number one go-to-site for movie downloads.

The website is easy to work with especially when using browsers like opera mini. There are also different servers to choose from when it comes to downloads. That way, if one isn’t working, you can also switch to another.

For the most part, this site works for me and comes highly recommended.

3. CoolMoviez

Another website worth mentioning for movie downloads, is coolmoviez. The website does offers a wide variety for you to download. Being able to download from coolmoviez is also easy. Not only do you get to download movies from the website, there is also provision for television shows and the likes.

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Other than sites, there are Android apps you can use in downloading movies online. If you happen to use an iPhone, downloading movies online in doable. However, for the most part, if streaming isn’t a problem, I would recommend MovieDiary app for iPhone.

Hope this answers your query in regards to world4ufree.to as a movie download site and I hope the guide on how to download from world4ufree works for you? Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.


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